Favorite VEX Event Memory

VEX events hold chaos, comedy, and success, in a sick balance throughout the event. I wonder what you guys have as your favorite VEX memory.

For me at least, it’s when I met a kid at VEX Southern New England Regionals who called himself “Anime Zakka” and ran around all day in a cardboard outfit covered in anime… His team ended up in the finals… Godspeed Anime Zakka.

This picture is tied for my favorite and least favorite memory.

Winning a competition my first year(Toss Up) as the eighth seed.

I know that guy! He is on 5150G, and he even wore it to worlds. It sounds like he is going to be having an even better suit for next regionals.

But anyways, my favorite memory is being second in Arts… until losing 3x in a row, or maybe my first competition this year where we came in fifth with an untested robot. Meeting @Escargo was pretty cool too.

Losing by one in states quarterfinals to 7th seed, and having to go to a third match. It’s because we could have just scored one more ball, but we couldn’t and we wasted another 10 minutes.

Showing up to a match with yellow controller batteries, to have the controller suddenly “redline” right before the match began. The refs wouldn’t wait, so I sent a teammate running back to grab the batteries and required tools. We managed to switch them out and got com and began driving at less than 50 seconds left. We sent over a boatload of stars, multiple cubes including the last preload and hung. We won…

Going to the 2017 Nevada VEX State Championship and going to the practice field then our driver falling on the robot crushing it then taking it back to the pit fixing it with in 15 minutes then proceeding to go undefeated and win the state championship.


First time at Worlds, and probably the funniest moment for me is when a dinosaur fights against a spartan in the Engineering Division. But my favorite memory is going to VEX Worlds with my team. I’m about to graduate high school soon, and I want to make the best of it.

Another one is where our team broke a gear, at our state competition and had to replace it. Good times… Good times…

Mine is probably at an regional event where we won Design Award, my teammate was really upset because she thought we wouldn’t win because other teams had scored higher on the rubric, so she interrogated our judges about what we could have done better. Then, she (and everyone else on my team) left before the award was presented, so when we won it, I had to go receive the award by myself (which was super awkward). Good times.

Coming second in the world in programming skills, 4th in driver, and 7th in the matches at worlds and being on karthicks Instagram as one of the best teams :stuck_out_tongue:

My favorite memory is winning the Excellence Award at the 2016 Virginia Stat Championship. We never thought that we would ever be considered worthy of “the highest award given in a VEX Competition” throughout the entire state. That year, we had 2 spots to worlds, and that was definitely my favorite VEX memory and also one of the happiest times of my life. After trying for 3 years since 6th grade Toss Up, we finally made it to be something successful.

Either winning VEX UK Nationals or winning a design award and making the finals of a tournament with a robot that we finished building the morning of the competition and didn’t have any CAD drawings for…

At one of our Starstruck tournaments, the field techs didn’t bolt the field control tower down. Our autonomous (which had never been tested on a field with the tower) grabbed the tower and pulled it into the field, causing our lift to hit breakers.

…we lost that match.

lol I wonder if it would be legal to just have your computer be connected to your controller to provide temporary power in case of emergencies…

Haha, I also enjoyed meeting all the people that I had met on the forums at worlds. One of my favorite moments was waking up at worlds and hearing that someone (who will remain unnamed) was stuck in the elevator. It was great because when I was packing for worlds I had put everything we needed to compete with (2 batteries, a charger, etc) with the robot and I got yelled at for being dumb by the logic that if we lost 1 box we would lose them all. Lo and behold that was the one box that wasn’t stuck in the elevator. It took an hour, some firefighters and the elevator company to get the person out.

Another one of my favorite moments was when one of my friends promposed to another member of my team using the robot we had at worlds. Our robot was named Juliet(like Romeo and Juliet cause she dies in the end) and I wrote an autonomous that flipped up a sign that said “_____, Will you be my Juliet?”

First time winning a tournament was awesome, but my first time winning State (that same year) topped it for sure. Such hype.

What does that mean??? @Kyub

Doubt it.

Unless you come up with a creative way to connect to the terminals inside the battery compartment.