Favorite Vex Game

If you were anything like me, you spent the first week of robotics spending every second of freetime you had watching videos about Vex.

So, I would like to know, what was your favorite vex game? This is not limited to season you have participated in, it could be any season over the history of Vex.

Mine was gateway. While there was a meta, there were still many ways to play the game. Defensive play was a legitimate option (2W), and wasn’t overpowered, and alternative ways of scoring were allowed (think team 1107B).

Oh and Id rather you not say Turning Point unless you can defend the decision with your life :blush:

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My favorite was starstruck to be honest. While there really was only one design, the game was fast paced, fun to watch as a spectator, and strategy made up for the lack of design choices. Another great part was how you were really never out of it (in terms of scoring).

Also, it was just great for auton IMO.


Honestly turning point is the best game I’ve seen so far.


Welp guess I forgot to add the “no Turning Point” part. Are there any games other than turning point?

my favorite looking back would have probably been either skyrise or toss up. they look like they would’ve been fun. starstruck was nice too.

Sack Attack looked fun. But Skyrise was really my favorite in terms of designs for robots.


I really liked nbn because of how simple the game was, and just how cool it was in general.

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Elevation forever. :muscle:


While I fear the wrath of DRow, I will have to go against him and say that my favorite was Skyrise


Well I enjoyed ITZ. I didn’t like how all the robots looked the same, but the internal stackers were really fun to drive. I didn’t play in star struck but it looked like a lot of fun. I actually really didn’t like NBN. Every high level match looked identical and it was just kind of dull to me overall.


Roundup was fun - there was no “meta” design. There was so many ways that you can play and win the match that it was really up to individual team to decide.

Gateway - i like the meta-gaming aspect. When should you lift up the gate? When and where should you dump the doubler and negator? It was really fun.

And these 2 seasons were during the wild wild west era of VRC.
Lesser restrictions = more creativity
Everybody simply followed the general approach of - if the game manual didnt say no, means it is ok.


I definitely prefer the games with less restrictions. Games with hard metas aren’t that fun comparatively.


Honesty I favorite game so far is a tie between Round Up and Turning Point because there was action all the way till the end at it was years that I have had the most fun.

As a competitor:
In The Zone was pretty fun. I like the kind of “build and carry” system that was used, and the speed as well.
NBN was also pretty fun IMO. It completely changed the status quo of vex games of picking up a thing and putting it in a place towards distance scoring. I also like this aspect of TP.

Least favorite:
Starstruck - Too simple, far too dependent on alliance partner strength (too easy to get screwed over in qualification matches by a bad partner), no real robot to robot interaction (I like to push quite a bit as part of my strategy).

I wish I had had a chance to play in the older games such as toss-up, round-up, and gateway; they look like very interesting games.


Toss Up!! This was my first year competing, (I did mess around a little with Sack Attack too though, but didn’t compete that year) and hands down this was my favorite challenge. I would do anything to go back to that season.

And for those that are saying that there are too much defence and too little space to manuveur at near field this season, then they should take a look at Toss Up. :joy:


Ah yes, the days of crazy designs like 127C


I loved starstruck because it was fast paced in the last 30 seconds and there was some great strategy in that last time frame too as far as SSP’s. Yes, inoperable partners could make it a bit harder (even the best teams at Worlds @meng (cough cough)) :slight_smile: But it was possible to overcome.

I also liked that there was good defense to be played without all the complaining about pinning and tipping (for the most part, unless you were in the RR and knocked someone over) :slight_smile:


Lol… it’s Vex’s fault! We plugged in a brand new battery and it didn’t work!!

But guess what… karma strikes… our alliance (which was also one of the best teams in the world) didn’t move during elimination. :joy:

Edit: the image of that skyrise match actually came into my mind when we first saw that starstruck fixture :stuck_out_tongue:


Round Up for me, although i wish i had been around for Skyrise.