Favorite Vex Game


/snicker, that was one of my favorites EXCEPT FOR THE PLATFORM, it was very hard to carry around. I still have a set of foam cubes to play with the IQ Robots.

My favorite game was Swept Away, both the 2V2 VEX version and the 1V1 TSA versions. The 1V1 on a 8’x8’ square field was one of my goto demo sets for years. (Sadly broke the fence in a transport accident)

Least favorite is Turning Point. From an EP standpoint, the transport, setup, teardown is horrid. The only one that was worse was Round Up with the climbing ladder that only fit in full size vans an pickups. And those scoring pegs filled with sand.



Toss up was for sure one of If not the best vex game ever. The game was super diverse and awesome to watch, and the restrictions the game forced the robots to deal with like height to go under the bar and the high hang was super cool and made the game heavily strategic.



I would love to see more environment based restrictions instead of rules based restrictions. An overhead bar that they had to get past was an excellent idea.



This thread just really needs a vote of everything to see where everyone stands.



I can’t pick between Elevation and Clean Sweep.

Elevation with some modern tweaks would actually be kind of fun to play today. If I could ever find out where to to get those old elements…

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  • Bridge Battle
  • Elevation
  • Clean Sweep
  • Round Up
  • Gateway
  • Sack Attack
  • Toss Up
  • Skyrise
  • Nothing But Net
  • Starstruck
  • In The Zone
  • Turning Point

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I would definitely say skyrise. The robots just looked really cool because they got so tall and did so many things, and the game was designed so 1 amazing robot could beat 2 reasonably good robots. The lifts were so fun to build too.

And the matches were awesome to watch. I remember as a wee middle schooler walkling over to the high school area with my teammate and being blown away that they scored all 7 sections and 8 cubes. It was pretty remarkable to see the growth of the robots over the course of the season.

And bo3 existed so that was pretty cool too :stuck_out_tongue:


  1. Elevation :muscle:
  2. Clean Sweep (really exciting finishes)
  3. Toss Up (everything, including the kitchen sink – except for the beach balls)


I remember blowing up so many of those large balls whether it was filling them too full of air, or our robot tipping over and landing on them (our robot was a monstrosity, and it could have potentially been a little sharp too). :joy:

Also, when we went to worlds that year, we brought those beach balls to the hotel pool… that was a lot of fun.



I guess I can elaborate my opinions. I say Gateway, Toss Up follows close behind, and Skyrise right after that.



My nostalgia is telling me tossup, but I think the best game was definitely ITZ. It had some of the most interesting, difficult parts to build, and there was so much room to optimize and really set your bot apart. There was a big difference between a extremely well optimized lift and a solid lift. People say the designs were too similar by the end but I think it only seems that way from a distance. Teams optimized their lifts to run on two motors, used pneumatics for their four bars, had passive and claw intakes, and 62 existed.



Starstruck, because that was the one year we actually made it to Worlds :slight_smile:



I liked each game. All were interesting in their own way.

The only exception for me was Nothing But Net, I wasn’t a fan. Felt like it was nothing but (1) Build a Flywheel (2) Sit in the Corner and (3) Feed balls.

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Is this a water game??



I’m kind of surprised people Ike ITZ as much as they do. I thought the high-ceiling was kind of boring both to watch and to drive. I didn’t like the game from the reveal, but I guess it was kind of cool early season. But it seemed like everyone had pretty much the same basic robot concept by December.



NBN, I really like watching because the robots were decently different from each other, especially with lift design.
ITZ was a good game, but I wish we could have seen a lot less design convergence.
Skyrise had a lot of potential, and the top teams were amazing, but the game seemed a little too hard: so many of the robots were just kind of ineffective: the top play was really good though.
Starstruck was kinda bad but there were some cool designs out of it, like 185 and 8k.
I think Sack Attack would have been very fun to build for and play, but I wasn’t around and there’s not a whole lot of video of it.
I don’t really understand why everyone likes Toss Up so much, it seemed fine but just not super impressive.
And as for Turning Point, I agree that there are some serious game design problems, but I do like the flag battles, parking is fun and hype, and this is the only year we’ve done well so :woman_shrugging:

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I dont know why anyone would like Turning Point, especially when a whole half of the game is next to useless because of how poorly balanced it is.



Flaggers OP please nerf.
Can we get 10 motor v5 limit as DLC???
I main flywheel.



No. PLEASE don’t buff V5. It would destroy my chances at worlds. Wait until after the cortex system is illegal, then buff it.



I dont think he was ever talking about buffing V5 this season. Anyway, back to the thread