Favorite Vex Game


I also dislike the cap scoring on posts aspect of the game, but the rest of the game is great:

  • Ramming autons are prevented, allowing greater complexity in auton routines.
  • Has the back and forth nature of SS while also having vigorous defense
  • The platform encourages robot on robot interaction
  • Low design convergence makes for interesting matches and strategy


It’s also viewer friendly. The parking and shooting makes it exciting to watch for those who don’t get the robotics stuff.

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Definitely no bias but i liked ITZ, there was a pretty nice balance between scoring and defense and i think vex chose the perfect amount of cones. Mechanical skill and driving also played a much more prominent role in ITZ than in games like SS or TP. The big issue with ITZ was it was super boring to watch at a high level since it was just 4 robots stacking for 2 minutes, so for viewers i would think that SS or NBN were probably the best games since it was easy to see who was winning and super fast paced.



If I had to remix Turning Point it would be that once you cap a post (post a cap?) that they can’t be de-scored. We saw very little cap/post action in Delmarva, mostly because it takes 10 seconds to cap, 1 second to remove.

On the poll, I see a decline in favorites as the games age. I’m probably one of the few people that know what Bridge Battle or “Hanging 'a Round” is



correct, Gameoa is right



Is that from FRC? Wasn’t it the soccer game with the bridge? Is the hanging from that pyramid climbing thing from one game? (Can’t remember which)



Lol Hanging 'a Round was the first VEX game (in 2006 I think…?)



Oh. Oops. I made the FRC connection (looked like a cool game), and then jumped the gun with inductive reasoning on the other.



Hangin-A-Round was a game back in the FIRST VEX Challenge days. So almost 12 years ago.

I got my start the year after with Quad Quandary, which the first year of FIRST Tech Challenge.

That same year, was the first year of the VEX Robotics Competition, with Bridge Battle.

Man… time flies.

I was in middle school back then.



… sigh, now I feel old. Hangin-A-Round was my first game and my High School son played Quad Quandry.

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also, the farther back you go, the cringier the game reveal videos were



Still beats the FTC Game reveal videos, which have become even cringier



whenever I have free time, I show my teammates the past game reveals, and they appreciate the technology vex has today.



I like Turning Point better than last year game.

We built a cap flipper and qualified to regional competition with skills because we could flip all caps and park.

Launching balls isn’t easy.

Blue and red cones last year were very heavy.



1500 logic right here

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I’m not wrong :joy:

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my top 3 games are probably starstruck, turning point and toss up



I think that’s actually the part of turning point I don’t like at all. The defense is so easy and so effective it makes scoring so difficult you might as well not. Also, refs in my area don’t call pinning at all, so we end up getting pinned the entire match without any consequence.

If there was a fence like starstruck, I’d like the game better (e.g. you can only descore with balls from your side).



ok that’s nuts, i can see why there are build restrictions, like it’s fair but not fun to play against. i think they should be less restrictive

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My favorite was probably ITZ. Despite robot issues causing me to live at robotics and consistency problems galore, it was a fun game. I remember at Campo Verde setting up auton with a bad PID routine that didn’t work. The satisfaction the 2 times I lined up auton by guessing was immeasurable. That was also the year i spent a month writing a zone based PID for the cone stacker. Defensive auton was actually a thing. The game was simpler.