Favorite Vex Game


@meng " the wild wild west era of VRC" as in before motor checks at worlds?



You didn’t mention “Quad Quandry.” It’s a game I try to forget…



That game was my introduction to VEX and robotics as a whole.

We’ve certainly come a long way from those games.



… you must have missed this ,

About three weeks ago I had a huge purge of the robot garage and harvested about $300 worth of casters from the Quad Quandary game elements.

The thing to note in this is that ALL of these games can be played by the much beloved claw-bot. If I go back and look at the early years, the robots were pretty simple. Now days they are super complex cubes of metal.

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My HS friend played both Quad Quandary and Elevation with the same exact robot, with very minimal modifications.

Made it to Worlds both years as well.



So, I know this is self-indulgent, but this is my all-time favorite VEX robot video, not because of the robots, but because of the commentary. It’s an Elevation match at Worlds, featuring Exothermic Haiku (575) and Super Sonic Sparks (24C) on blue against 8176 from China and Iobotics (2438B) on red. The Cheesy Poofs (254) were scouting 575, and their comments are really funny. The Sparks robot suffered some kind of issue (see - it happened in the old days, too) and Haiku played 1-on-2 for most of the match. Exothermic Haiku’s team leader and coach is my son David, who graduated high school nine years ago; he is the tall kid in the EXO-green shirt.



Oh well… and those days that you can used a 3rd party battery charger and 20 tanks for pneumatic. Lol…

Actually i was just thinking of those days that the forum was more focused on technical questions and strategy issues, rather than seeing questions like - is it legal to do this and that…?

Ok… maybe I enjoyed exploiting all the games loopholes :stuck_out_tongue:



Foster, I think it’s time for a new Clawbot challenge ?



Yea great contest, that Octo-claw was very, very cool.

All hail the clawbot!



Starstruck personally was my favorite game because it was simple and involved way fewer rules and way fewer ways to get dqed. Also hanging, in my opinion, seemed way harder than parking.



I wish I could have done starstruck,and I love the platform from elevation. The best can not be turning point because of Bo1

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As someone fortunate enough to compete (in some form) for the past 8 seasons, I would have to say my first few years were my favorites. Gateway, Sack Attack and toss up, the last of the “old era games” were my favorites by far. Not that I dont enjoy the “new age” of vex comps that have come with the new set of standardized rules that began to get implemented after tossup (things like no touching the robots in auto, minimal defence/wallbots, etc.)

As i said, ive been fortunate to enjoy many great seasons but i dont think the games themselves (perhaps directly impacted by their rules) are as good as they once were in my opinion.

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My favorite game would have to be turning point because it was my first yea in high school robotics.



Skyrise looked so hyper! If the next game were a variant of Skyrise or a harder version of it I might have to compete for one more year.



Nothing But Net by far my favorite because the objects can be used as classroom objects that you can fool around with. also I think its the least eventfull game



And the cubes in Starstruck could be used as pillows (although the game only had 4 per field, so only a few people would be able to use them at a time).



Those pillows were the bomb.



I’ve actually got one sitting in my room still. It’s quite useful!



Yeah me too, but it’s really dirty and idk how to clean it :laughing:

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wash it in the washing machine