Favorite Vex Video of Starstruck Year

As the season comes to a slow end I decided to take the opportunity to ask the community what their favorite vex video from this season was. This can be a promo video, an award video, or just a fun video someone posted, but I’m interested to see what videos people enjoyed the most from this year.

but the worlds reveals haven’t come out yet…

I can’t seem to find it, but somebody picked up a robot that drove under the fence and threw them back over.

i NEED to see this :open_mouth:

I managed to find it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19AQYKVKzWU
Pretty awesome robot. I know its not much, but it’s still my favorite video.

All the way this one:

Laughed so hard.

Ooh gotta be quicker than that

XD agreed

This one is my favorite because our ally literary lifted us up when we fell and out battery fell off.:smiley:

How do you link a video on a post?

Just paste in the URL, nothing special.

link text my favorite for this year

Even though our school has a rivalry, best robot reveal I’ve ever seen.

I’m hoping our robot reveal will be good. It will be an @Highwayman edit, so I expect greatness (as soon as I put finishing touches on my robot and send him some footage).

I’m excited
Hoping there will be some strobe lights in that footage.

If you want to bring me some strobe lights, definitely.

I just realized the “unlike anything you’ve seen before” in your reveal is sarcasm. I didn’t think on it too hard… That reveal is so much funnier the third time through.

How about you bring me the robot :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess my jokes aren’t as good as I think they are- you said you didn’t get the teaser at first either. Whoever on discord said “shots fired at vex” got the spirit of the beginning. Those robots are all freaking awesome, nonetheless.