Favorite VRC Game?

What’s your favorite VRC game from over the years? Personally my favorite is Round Up.

My favorite was also roundup because of goal lifting. I was not in vex before cleansweep so I might have liked elevation.

I like it because there are so many design options you can use, and so many different strategies.

Ironically, if we modified our intake, our Gateway robot would be better at Round Up than our Round Up robot was…

I probably would have liked round up, but our team started halfway through the season and we didn’t really know what we were doing, so we copied green egg without the goal lifting. We still did surprisingly well. This year our robot is better, and we know a lot more too. I didn’t vote because I have not been around for too many games and I am enjoying gateway most, but I think that’s only because I know more about robotics now.

Round Up. I miss chewing on the doughnuts. :frowning:

Lol Round Up was the best because of so many different designs. Also I liked the more open field than Clean Sweep and Gateway. The separation between the two isolation goals is a pain for both matches and skills challenges. Hopefully next year’s game won’t have any dividers.

Elevation because of how open the fields were. Now vex fields have become very crowded with rings, ladders, gates, and huge walls of game objects. Though I also did really like round up. Clean sweep was pretty fun too.

If im honest, I cant decide between the 3. :smiley:

It might just be me, but there’s something magical about your first VRC game. For me, that was Clean Sweep. It was the year that I discovered robotics, discovered all these awesome teams, all these awesome people, and the first time I ever laid eyes on a Green Eggs robot :stuck_out_tongue: (no, but seriously). Also, our club’s senior team, 575, made it to the finals, which was an unforgettable experience – the atmosphere, the group bonding, the excitement. As a game, I thought very few teams had the “game winning strategy” figured out: to fill up the triangular goals and empty the field out (save for the bonus ball/last minute dumping). All these factors made Clean Sweep an unbelievable experience for me.

In my opinion, Round Up didn’t foresee how efficient robots would be at scoring toward the end of the year, thus high hanging wasn’t rewarding enough. Despite this, I saw equally fantastic robots, especially those from Green Eggs, WASABI, Rangitoto, 1200, 1103, and many many more mind blowing machines. It was interesting to see which teams went for hanging, which went for efficiency and which ones went for goal lifting.

Gateway is turning out to be a good game as well. It could use a bit more variation from what I’ve seen (thanks 1107 and 575), but that probably won’t be the case at Worlds. Can’t say much more until Anaheim, guys. :).

Edit: Also, Gateway’s biggest flaw (a slight oversight) was the huge abuse of autonomous modes, which the GDC has rectified for the Programming Skills Challenge, at least.

My favorite game was Round Up, because of the strategic options it gave us. The field space was kind of cluttered, but you could drive around to any point on the field (unless someone was blocking off a portion…). I wasn’t there for Elevation, but I bet that would have been pretty good too. The only problem is that Elevation’s rules would not have stood up against the competitiveness of Vex today (descoring and throwing out objects).

Clean sweep was just a bit too simple - after all, you’re putting balls on the other side of the wall. Not a lot of options there. I remember when I first realized that you had to score the triangular goals on the other side of the wall though. I thought nobody could possibly do that at the time.

The day I saw Gateway, I knew it was an attempt to make the game look really strategic, but I don’t think it worked that way. The gates and the pyramid probably don’t do as much as they originally envisioned them. The fence, goal layouts and bonus points add in a surface mechanic, but they feel contrived and shallow in comparison to Round Up which had layered strategies propagating from the basic premises of the game. It also doesn’t help that they removed the descoring dynamic which was a big thing in Round Up.

And then there’s the repositioning mode. That was probably not the best idea.

Gateway’s a perfectly fine game, but it just doesn’t seem as awesome as Round Up was.

I order the scenarios as is:

  1. Round Up: So many different strategies, robot designs, hanging, goal lifting.
  2. Elevation: Many ways to get points, ramp, taking objects off the field for good.
  3. Clean Sweep: Easy to score points, many different robot designs.
  4. Gateway: Pre/ Match loads, touching robots, 30+ in goals, separate zones.
  5. Bridge Battle: Easy scoring.

My favourite is definitely Clean Sweep. I loved how the field was divided into 2 because it meant the game had no “dirty tactics” - it was a very clean game.

Maybe it’s also because it is the year we won World Champs in…

What I don’t like about Gateway is how everyone now has pretty much the same design, so there is no real “outstanding design” (having said that though, we don’t know what Green Eggs are up to). But what I really don’t like about it is the autonomous. There is no real “programming skill” involved in turning and repositioning your robot and there is not much of an incentive to do well in autonomous as there is no bonus points awarded to the alliance with the most successful autonomous.


My favorite was RoundUp. This year for Programming Skills, it is really easy to score points because you can manually move your robot around on the starting tiles. Last year in RoundUp, you have to have a solid program that did everything on it’s own… just like this.

I also really liked the Autonomous Bonus last year… that helped a lot!

I also agree that the uniqueness of the robots are really low this year. A lot of people have the same design. That is what I liked about last year, lots of different/unique designs.

Also, the strategy is pretty much the same. Last year there were so many different strategies you could have, this year, not so much.

Oh well. This next year is coming fast!

See you all at US Nationals (if you are going :D).

roundup had so many unique strategies so there is no doubt in my mind that that is tops. elevation would have to be #2 however as i really enjoy the open field layout.

this is exactly how i would rank the games !

Hopefully this year’s game will top them all

Clean Sweep. Fun, great robot designs, and easy to understand by others. My grandmother has seen a few different webcasts and that was by far the easiest for her to understand the mission.

From a teaching/learning point of view, Gateway is my favorite. It’s definitely a “rookie-friendly” game, and I was able to start my rookie team with beginning-level concepts and have them work up gradually to a decent level of knowledge and performance. They were consistently earning ~ 10 points in most matches (w/out doublers or negation) by the end of the season, so they felt “capable” but could see that there was still room to grow. I realize that many advanced teams “topped out”, but for learners, there are lots of intermediate steps to shoot for.

Design-wise, Clean Sweep. There was a huge explosion in the sophistication that teams used, and that was the year that “holomania” took over. It’s also the first year I remember seeing catapults and widespread use of pneumatics and scissor lifts. But for a team without good understanding, it was a potential minefield – my team got burned because they bit off more than they could chew on multiple occasions. Pro-tip: a driver with 10 minutes pre-practice on the field is better off with a 4-wheel drive than a holonomic drive.

For gameplay, Roundup. De-scoring definitely adds something to the level of excitement and play.

clean sweep is best it was just raw scoring in comparision to the strategy and defense of tournaments since then

who remembers the defense bots in clean sweep, now those were hard to build now it is just lots of motors on drive and extension mechanism

While I agree that defensive games are not the most fun to watch and that Gateway is a very cramped field space overall, I feel like strategy is one of the most interesting and engaging aspects of the game and definitely fits with the problem-solving ability that VEX aims to inspire in students. I also feel like the best wallbots will not be as simple as the most basic description you’ve provided. The basic wallbot can push and shove, the best wallbot should be able to do so much more.

Back on topic, I’d say I liked Round Up the best because while strategy was still an integral part of the game, like in Gateway, the field was also more open (circle instead of a U-shape) which gave rise to a far more dynamic game. To me, Gateway ends up being a very static game full of stalemates, but is still engaging strategy-wise. In contrast, Clean Sweep was also a very dynamic game, but the complete isolation of the robots made the game a bit less exciting. Those are the three games I’ve experienced so far, so I’d have to say Round Up was my favorite.

Round Up, in my opinion, is the best because of the autonomous bonus and the descoring, as well as many other reasons you guys have said.

But we’ve still gotta give Gateway some credit. The doubler and negator are my favorite part of Gateway. But another great part of Gateway is the fact that many robots are much taller than ever before, meaning that Gateway matches feature a lot more comedic tipping incidents, most notably this match.

Man… **MAJOR **entanglement.