Favorites For Championship

While no one will ever match the prestige and presence that discobots had last year. For those of us not far into the running. What are some teams who have been particularly dominant in your region. Who do you think will make the Round Robin? Finals?

I think it would be fun for the not particularly dominant teams (including myself) to speculate on who might do particularly impressive.

I hope my team can at least make eliminations as I think this game is going to be completely up to driver practice and strategy this year at Worlds. But i would like to see 29601R, 7447D, and 8926B do well as I can easily see any of them in Round Robin

Honestly I see this as a year where any team that can clear the field in driver skills within 45-50 seconds has a shot regardless of near or far zones. With numerous reverse “hugger” claws that can take 7 stars, the score sway of just one cycle can very well be up to 30 points - enough to change the entire outcome in seconds, based partially on luck and timing. We are aiming high and hoping to reach eliminations within our division.

I believe 8000H will be completely dominant this year.

Look out for 86868 among many other quality NorCal teams.

You make a good point. This game is extremely volatile and will like be decided on a play by play basis. A single strong play can completely change the course of the match. Whether this is a good thing or bad thing is up for debate.