Favourite Photo

What’s you favourite photo of the dallas event? Went through a couple of pages and had and reckon this is one of the good ones, http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3549/3503912553_6b3ec09015.jpg?v=0 What are some nice/funny photos of the event you have?

Where did you get that photo from? Where can I find the hi-res version?


I would love to see more photo’s from the event! Where did you find the picture you posted?

148b, 418, 254b, and 1114a - the expression shows it all.

Opens Photoshop

Zoom tool… still can’t tell…
Is that kid pointing or giving the bird?

Using Pint.NET I could definitely see three fingers in front of his finger that is pointing up, so he isn’t giving the Green Eggs the bird.

That is a great photo.

Kendalls, I do like the poultry reference to “green eggs” and “bird” :wink: After reviewing the tape of the match you can clearly see it is indeed an index finger being displayed as you discovered.

To watch the match go to : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KisWPf1GUU&feature=channel . I believe the photo was taken somewhere around 1:50-1:51 on the video.

Ok, cool :slight_smile:

Just wanted to make sure our competition spirit wasn’t going south.

The student in question (named Leigh) is a class act in every sense of the word. This discussion is much ado about… nothing.


As demonstrated in SF 2-2, when both blue alliance robots were unable to move. Instead of totally blowing them out, Robodogs and Robowranglers decided to stop their robots midway through the match as well, which I’ll say is one of the classiest actions I’ve ever seen in FRC or VRC.

Getting stuck during autonomous is no fun :frowning: at least we got our two goals for two points :stuck_out_tongue:

But good on them for being kind about it :slight_smile: the first game was insane, all goals filled all the way