Favourite Webcomics :D

I’m bored, and insomnia is kicking around, I finished reading all the other new posts so…
What webcomics do you read? What are your favourites? Which one’s do you hate?

I like (in order of best to worst):
Not From Concentrate and Dark&Pink tie

Any other good ones to be aware of? :smiley:

BTW to some of our younger members be careful where you go

I like some of the xkcd’s I have read.

I read User Friendly and Help Desk.
I would give both a PG rating.

You might have the responders of this thread give a rating of the comic.

I’ve read a little Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

I really suggest reading Gelastic Comics, Which can be found at gelasticcomics.com

hehe, mostly just because i help run the site. :cool:

Nice site, and welcome to vex forum. One thing I would recommend for that site though is don’t have red text on gray background, strains the eyes. Maybe it’s just me cause I’m colour blind but either way.

I thought the same thing, “red text on dark gray background” doesn’t work for me, but I am 42 Years old and maybe it’s just me.

You guys are probably right, I’ve actually gotten that same comment about the red text on gray background before, I’ve got to convince the guy who does the layout to change that. Thanks for the welcome ^.^.

lol actually its more of a light red on light gray more me :smiley: I hate being colour blind :rolleyes:

lol but still nonetheless great site, havent had a change to read any comics yet, my laptop’s waiting for acer to ship a new power cord :smiley:

hey no offence but are you here for Vex or for advertising your comic?

You’re right, this is the wrong place for that. Sorry about that, it has been deleted ^.^.

It’s no problem, we want you on the community just so long as you’re at least interested in robotics/vex and will contribute to the community.

Do we Haft-To contribute??? :wink:

Chit-Chat is the forum that you accept As-Is, or Leave-it-Be. Promotion of ones other interests here, does not bother me.

Besides, we do need to take a break from all that Robotics Stuff, once in awhile. :wink: Why not have a peer robotics person, enlighten us with something we might not have seen yet…