Feature requests

Christmas is almost here, so I thought I might turn in some Christmas wishes:

  1. I wish that Vex IQ Block had a configuration check. This would check to see if the peripherals identified in the configuration were really there. I plugged a cable to a motor into the wrong slot the other day. I spent several minutes of time trying to figure out what was wrong before I figured out that I had moved the cable. I can see this might happen frequently to other people. I would like a new command added. It would be good practice to always add the check to a program, but it could be left off if the programmer did not want it.

  2. The next request is a rather aesthetic one. I wish there was an exit command that could be run when the program run is complete. I usually play a tada sound to let me know the program ran to completion. It seems odd that when a program completes, nothing seems to happen .

  3. The next request is an information request. How are the peripherals initialized at the start of the program? For example, there are several motor related parameters, braking, torque, speed, and there are probably others. I notice that when the command is issued, a default value is shown. Is this indeed the default value? I suppose it is good practice to initialize everything, but that seems a little tedious if it is not really needed.

Iā€™m sure I could think of more, but that is it for now.

Merry Christmas!

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