Regional & State Championships!

The 2016-17 season is quickly wrapping up with many regional and
state championship events either just taking place or coming soon.
Please share news of your exciting VEX IQ Challenge Crossover and VEX
Robotics Competition Starstruck events with us on social media and
tag the REC Foundation in your post! Stay current on all the latest
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VEX Robotics World Championship!

The VEX Robotics World Championship is taking place April 19-25 with
a brand new schedule in Louisville, Kentucky! The daily team agendas,
hotel booking site, Louisville attraction site, and much more have
been added to help inform your visit at: VEXworlds.com - http://www.vexworlds.com . In addition, as teams
are making travel arrangements please be reminded to check with your
hotel on specific shipping details and costs before making any

8110B - Team Kabuum

(From Left to Right: Andrew, Hunter, Gavin, Hallie,
Terry, Alanna, Ryan, and Rachel)

Rachel from VEX Robotics Competition Team 8110B filled the REC
Foundation in on the challenges her team has faced as well as their
hopes for the future. Rachel has been a part of “Team KaBuum” from
Mankato, Minnesota, for two years. As for her future study plans
Rachel explained, “I know my time in robotics will definitely have an
influence on my decision and I’m pretty interested in mechanical
engineering.” Learn more about team KaBuum and the outcome of their
recent trip to the Minnesota State Championship at:
roboticseducation.org/news - http://www.roboticseducation.org/news/ . To learn
more about Girl Powered or to share your story visit:

Volunteer Registration Now Open!

Volunteers are needed for all positions each day, and we are in
greatest need of those who can help an entire day or multiple days.
The new extended competition format will not only give you more
choices of shifts to better fit your schedule, but will also result
in vast improvements in check-in, meals and snack breaks, and the
volunteer parking process.

We are excited to announce a new volunteer scheduling platform that
will allow self-scheduling online (note that shifts will become
available as the event gets closer), making it easy to select and
view volunteer shifts from your computer or mobile device. Learn more
about the opportunities available, and register in our new Shiftboard
system today in order to be notified when shifts are ready to view
shortly. Visit: RoboticsEducation.org/VEXWorldsVolunteers

TeamHack: Joystick Inspection!

Teams should inspect their joystick ports for damage, especially
before a big event! The left joystick port is undamaged. The right
joystick port is damaged and won’t work properly with the VEXnet
field system. This will result in two problems:

The ethernet cable will come out during competition. The ethernet
cable will move around in the socket and either short out the VEXnet
field system or move the connections out of contact. In either case
the team will lose connectivity with the field and the robot will not
work properly. If teams have a joystick with this issue, they should
contact VEX Robotics at: support@vexrobotics.com

MathWorks - https://www.mathworks.com : We’re excited to have
MathWorks as a supporter of the Robotics Education & Competition
Foundation and the VEX Robotics World Championship! MathWorks is a
leading developer of mathematical computing software for engineers
and scientists worldwide.

MathWorks just released Getting Started with MATLAB and Simulink for
VEX Robotics - https://www.mathworks.com/academia/highschool/courseware/getting-started-with-matlab-and-simulink-for-vex-robotics.html ! This free robotics course is based around the VEX EDR hardware
using software relied upon by software engineering worldwide.
Questions or training needs can be sent to vexrobotics@mathworks.com

The REC Foundation’s Mission Statement The REC Foundation seeks to
increase student interest and involvement
in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by
engaging students in hands-on, sustainable, and
affordable curriculum-based robotics engineering programs across the
U.S. and internationally.

For more information, visit www.RoboticsEducation.org - http://www.roboticseducation.org .

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