febuary challenge hard

ok soo… here is the hard febuary challenge

you must build a robot that can manipulate 2 tennis balls (at once) an and deposit it to a hieght of 20 inches from the floor

length: 12"
width: 12"
hieght: 8"

enjoy, and happy building:)


edit: i forgot to say that you must pick both balls up off the ground

…eisier than my rules!

i wanted the task to be simple with small size limits to increase the difficulty.


Can we use non vex parts?

dang it man… ok will see what i can think of… trap doors spring loaded doors

after u start can it get bigger than the limits?

i would like it to be all vex parts but if its not im not going to kill you or anything.

and yes you can expand outside of the size limits once you start


good otherwise i think it would be impossible without using a catapult and a machine to put it in the catapult.

when u say put into a height of 20" does that mean raise them that high??

basiclly just find something that is 20" tall (like a ruller taped to a chair at 20") and dump the balls over them.


do we literally have to dump the balls?

no, you just have to deposit the balls to a hieght of 20" any way you want


ok good just a few more days left of work

its only like the 6th… i wasent going to close the entry time was like in a week at least, more like .


well i ran into a problem last night so it may take longer

I am confused.Is this just a online challenge for kicks?

basically you build a robot that can do the following task than at the end of the month a poll is set up and the robots entered in this challenge are posted on it as choices the the person who gets the most votes aka the winner gets to choose the following months challenge.

the FVC challenge is manipulating softballs…
which are bigger than tennis balls last time i checked
besides the height requirement
its easier than the FVC challenge

the size requirement is very difficult to meet so in order for me to do this i am trying to use a scissor jack.

12"wide x 12" long x 8" high, two tennis balls from floor to 20" trashcan. ok.
Does it have to move too?
Or can it be stationary without wheels?