~Febuary Challenge~

Well, we have made it to Febuary, I think it is a good time to exersize our Giant heads!

~Build a Robot that can pick up sticks that are in multible scattered bins, and bring them to another bin and drop them all into it.

Rules & Regulations:
~Robot size: fit in a 24in. cube
~Time: 5 minutes
~mininum Amount of sticks: 6
~maximum: ++++++ (how ever many)
~bins: 3+
~bin height & widith: from 4in. to 2ft
~branch = 6in. or more, and 0.50Ib or more.
~branches per holding container:
X = amount of sticks per bin.
S = total amount of sticks.
B = total amount of bins.
(X = S \ B) //Simple Division!

////\\ Submit Each by posting a video, and linking it <I am Going to let you post a video on youtube, my site, anywhere else.:rolleyes:

To post vid’s, e-mail them to me:

[EMAIL=“[email protected]”]Click here to get to my E-mail!
[email protected]

Yo thats exciting! Now need details on the bins types of sticks i would like dowels. and what about non vex items? I am thinking like a logging truck? maybe even the new spider logger but it has and attachment that cutts trees down. need to know what sticks :slight_smile: i’m gonna do this one i have only 15 days in feb this time. got to start at the next power plant on the 17th

edit thought that specs was the signature it was all so colorfull hehe sorry

it may be cool to have a ramp up to the box, have an extendable arm comming out from the bottom!


this looks like fun but 1086 vex gets to choose the febuary challenge because he won the december one.

who says we cant have two? or maybe three?

Yes, I will let THIS challenge to have non-vex items. Only because I want to see what you can do :slight_smile:

Three challenges…Wow! that would be exiting!

so i’ll still pst mine within the next several days…


I mean seriously…

If we had more than one, that would be more chances to win and I’ve noticed some are quite difficult.

It would be good to have at least one for our newer users!

That would leave the more experienced user to try their hand (or brain) at a challenge that may acctually increase their skills!

When I originaly posted the idea I was just kind of defending another User now I have acctually helped to come up with a good idea!

Yay for me!

Ok…my bot is done. Hahah a little bit early eh?

wow! Send me a vid. of it running:rolleyes:

I’m looking at your bot and I see what I’m guessing is the gripper but I don’t see how you would pick up the stick without setting it in the gripper. Please explain.

?whose bot?
k, bobot is it over 24x24inches?

Remember: I am running on pure programming!

no, its not. IM sorry, but i cant send a vid of it running because i dont have that capability on my camera. And it dosent grab it scoops up the sticks.As in a back it up, lower boom, len go forward and it picks them up, then i turn the boom and set down the sticks on the flatbed

it’s not even februrary yet and issn’t the january challenge still going on?

i’m still waiting on 1086’s official response. though i do plan on doing the iller’s bot as well

Bobot, Shorten the bot, then your good, k?

1086VEX, Make a topic called Febuary challenge: Hard
~as it says in its name, make the course hard.

NRTopping, I know it is not Febuary yet, but the challenge will end on Febuary 31st

I like the idea of haveing 3 challenges, another good idea woud be to have diferint difacultys like easy, mid, and hard.

ok…hers proof that it not over 24 inches…http://home.mchsi.com/~maxerdo/DCP02015.JPG

the meatal sheet is at 24 inches