Feedback/help with my flywheel

I made this flywheel and Ive been experimenting with gear ratios, and whenever I test it it just cannot shoot far enough. Its a dual 200 rpm motor with a 4" traction wheel with rubber bands. (it is upside down in the picture)

Your first major issue is that your motors are running at different speeds. The motor on the right is powering the flywheel at 1400 rpm and the one on the left is powering at 1000 rpm. This leads to your motors fighting each other. Also, 1400 rpm is probably way to slow. I wouldn’t go any slower than 2000 rpm. Even then, you are only going to make close range shots.


If I made both gears the big gears would it work?

That would run your flywheel at 1400 rpm. Very unlikely to be fast enough. I would recommend using blue cartridges (600 rpm) and gearing those for speed.


The problem is that we dont have any blue cartridges left. They are all being used by the other teams. Otherwise I would have 100% used them.

Then you will likely need a two stage gear train or a very heavy flywheel weight in order to build a flywheel.

two stage gear train?


oh I see. I think I got an idea of what I can do now. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: