Feedback on Gen 2 Brain and Sensors

I was curious now that everyone has had a little time using them, does anyone have feedback on the sensors on the new Gen 2 Brain and Optical Sensor? Is the upgrades worth it for the more advance teams programing with the additional output it provides? Or are kids sticking with what was there before, maybe a little nervous to dabble in something new?

We were debating on ordering a kit for our top team or two before state and worlds to better up our programming skills, but was curious if others had feedback based on use before doing so.

Also, with the Gen 1 Gyro, it had to be mounted a certain way to work correctly. For the Gen 2 Brain, does it have to be mounted flat / facing a certain way (vs standing up) to sense everything correctly? Or you are free to mount however and it will self calibrate? I read through the Q&A and didn’t see anything calling this specifically out, so feedback from people actually using it would be great.

The inertial sensor built into the Gen 2 brain is a 3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerometer, so you can mount the brain in any orientation and still get pitch, roll, and yaw out of the gyro.

From the documentation, it’s not 100% clear to me if it will automatically detect the orientation of the brain and correctly assign the different axes to pitch/roll/yaw accordingly (haven’t actually played with IQ Gen 2 yet, but in theory this should be possible because the 3-axis accelerometer can tell which way is down).


Exactly! I just tested this because it had never crossed my mind, but I moved the Brain to a different orientation and it detected that and still turns fine - no code changes need.


Hi calvc01,
I’m using 2nd Gen Brain and inertial sensor for turnings during autonomous. The whole robot wiggles before settling on a position. For eg: if I say turn left 90 degrees, the robot will turn more than 90 and start wiggling and after 10 seconds it will settle down. The orientation of the brain is vertical. Have you seen this issue before ? Really appreciate if you share any inputs on this. Thanks for your time and help.

Are you using the drivetrain class ? If so, the built in turning that it can do is limited, we have tuned it for a simple clawbot type robot, but there are so many ways a robot can be built, the gearing, the choice of wheels etc. that it will not work in all situations. You may need to write custom turning code for your specific robot. perhaps post some pictures.


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