Feeding Disc's into Firing mechanism

ok so i am having trouble understanding how to feed the discs into the firing mechanism. i want them to stay flat so i can just push them in with a piston but how do i do that?

Depending on how you make the mechanism the disks have a smooth coating and should just slide flat

Ok I was confused on what you were saying at first, depending on your firing mechanism it wouldn’t really matter if you have a motor acting as a servo or a piston pushing directly, or pushing an arm similar to a servo into the mechanisms, its just a matter of what mechanism is fastest and works best.

ya thats what was getting me. i want to lift the discs up vertically into the mechanism. i feel like i didnt give too much context so no worries on not understanding.

i know how im going to shoot them but its how am i going to get them into the robot. i should have just said that. sorry about the confusion

So you’re saying you want an intake that presses the disk into it rather than an intake like a ring intake in tipping point correct?

yes straight up into the mech.

In that case you would probably want a passive claw mechanism that presses the disk with a linear motion, motors and pneumatics should both work. It would look something like this

also the mechanism is also probably going to be what holds the disks in the robot, so to bring it up to the firing mechanism you need to make sure the mechanism is limited accurately. Like an elevator sits in a specific spot for you to exit or enter it.

Now as for whether to use pneumatics or motors that for you to decide, here is some pros and cons of both:
Motor pros:
-Unlimited use (well, for one match)
-Can be stronger if geared up
-Can be fast if geared down
-longer range
Motor cons:
-Slower unless geared down
-Doesnt have specific extension limit without a limiter
Pneumatic pros:
-Can be fast or slow with flow regulators at full force.
-Has a limited extension without limiters so it can be more accurate
-less bulky
-can use a pressure regulator to get more actuations
Pneumatic cons:
-has limited actuations
-needs more pistons for high strength purposes.
-shorter range

Personally I think pneumatics would make a better mechanism as long as your weary of where you’re using them and how much actuations you are averaging.
Also this kind of mechanism isnt really high strength so you dont really have to worry about that, motors can probably be geared down just fine.

Can you show an example of this or explain it? I didn’t know there was flow regulators.

And same thing for the pressure regulators, I haven’t used pneumatics much so a little bit of explanation would be helpful, Thank You!

Here is a thought I had. It’s vertical belt intake (I’m not sure what the correct term is but it’s like what some people had this season), with the flaps spaced to perfectly fit the disc, which then carries it up and spins it over the top dropping it into your flywheel mech which shoots it into the goal.

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I cant show you an example at the moment with my own pneumatics because they are currently with our robot being driven back from texas, but here is a YouTube video I really found helpful when learning about pneumatics myself, hope this helps.

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Here is an example of a flow regulator in use with semicolons mogo tilter

At about 0:32 it tilts up with no flow regulation, as you can see it goes up fast
And at about 0:37 you can see it tilts down slowly that is the flow regulators at work. (How fast or slow they go can be adjusted which is explained in the pneumatic components video)

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I would recomend this: https://wiki.purduesigbots.com/hardware/shooting-mechanisms/flywheel for fly wheel insparation, I would just use an intake conveyer belt to pick up disks, AND feed them into the flywheel.

found this from last year’s FTC competition Ringer - FTC - VEXpro - VEX Robotics

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You’re going to want to be able to pick up and shoot from the same side.


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