Fence / Scoring Object Clarification

Does anyone know exactly how cubes and stars can/cannot be manipulated through the fence?

I heard stars can be pushed under the fence, but cubes can not.

I have heard so many different answers to this question I just wanted to make sure.

There is no specific rule either way. It boils down to what is physically possible. Stars are fairly easy to push under the bar on the left and right sides of the field, but not the middle. This has been verified by people at Worlds who tried it for themselves. The cubes are soft/squishy. So you could in theory build a robot that compresses it and pushes it under the wall, but in reality this would probably not be practical.

I was just wondering in case I got any push-bot alliance partners.

It’s illegal, as per <SG5> to compress the DCLs. I didn’t see anything about the cubes already on the field.

It will be pretty obvious that your compacting them so you would probably get DQ’d for that.

Thank you, I did not see that rule. I’m kind of wondering how that can work in reality though. If you cannot “compress or crush” how do you even pick it up? Even the most gentle claw type mechanism will compress the cube. Seems like a huge grey area that is going to need a lot of clarification.

Yeah, a forklift wont hurt it.

But I don’t think the GDC would intentionally create a rule that guarantees identical robots. If that is the case, a forklift (or some basic derivation of) will be the only way to pick up cubes.

Yeah, just saying, probably the safest way to not get DQ’d though will end up being a forklift.

Ya, I feel like this rule may be changed. I just don’t see the reason that the GDC would want people use 1 or 2 designs. It kind of works backwards because this year’s game is supposed to be finding different ways to handle oddly shaped objects.

June needs to come more quickly. I’m already up to 5 Q&As for Karthik.

Karthik was here the other day i think.

Based on the wording I would also agree. I do think that the rule will get altered a bit before the final game manual is published. Time will tell I guess.

my friend said you could not even touch the fence at all (he thought there were sensors to prevent you from going close). reaction: really? :confused:


Definitely nothing like that. It is literally just a fence as far as I could tell.

The rule says that only the drive team members cannot compress the DCL’s. It doesn’t say anything about your robot compressing them:

<SG5> Drive Team Members are not allowed to compress or crush Driver Control Loads or Preloads.

He isn’t going to answer officially until June

No, there is nothing of the sort

You keep mentioning DQ’s but the only way to get one would be doing something illegal that affects the outcome of the match which compressing the cube most likely wouldn’t