Fence stars

Hey guys! I’m just wondering how other teams are consistently getting stars into the far zone off the fence? It seems this is essential for a high skill score however my team can only hit the stars on the fence into the near zone. Is there a certain part of the star that should be hit to ensure the best results?

Hi there, the majority of the teams I mainly see do this hit the stars with an arm or claw with enough velocity so that they fling towards the far zone. In other words speed is key!

If you get all the game objects in the far zone except for the fenced stars which you get in the near zone.
4 cubes = 16pts
14 stars far zone = 28pts
10 stars near zone = 10
hang = 12

getting stars farzone off the fence is not as important as it is to clear off the fence. I have yet to see a robot consistently get stars off the fence far zone. 66 is a very good driver skills score. Take one step at a time. Figure out how to clear the fence and then get those stars heading farzone.

I totally agree with @theEqualizer . There have been only 7 team that have a driver skills exceeding 66 points. The highest is 72 and that team currently has a global ranking at 95. After that, the numbers are all 67 or 68. In other words, it looks like maybe a bit of luck getting them there.

Clear the field. Send as much as you can to the far zone. Of the 26 teams that have robot skills scores of 100 or more, only 8 have driver skills of 66 or more. Clear the field and get a good programming skills score.

As for head to head play, it matter more how quickly you score than it does where you score.