Field Bot Speed


I just wanted to ask a simple question. What speed of the field bots at worlds is considered decent? Put the speed in ft per sec please. For example, my current speed right now is 3.19 ft per second. Thanks.

Above 4 ft per second. (Calculated data from motor rpm at 7.2v not actually recorded data)

Ya fps seems like a really poor way to discuss this. Dozens of different measuring techniques and voltages will make the differences all suspect.

bps seems like a more appropriate metric to discuss speed - I suspect there will be many teams advertising their robot’s bps at worlds this year.

That is just as vaguely defined and the lack of rigorous testing criteria makes the metric useless. I like to judge off skills score.

But if we mean drive train speed just give
Wheel size
Total ratio
Number of motors

-.- i should really stop posting here

Don’t forget robot weight.

Acceleration along with speed are both important, for short grabs, long runs and turning. not just speed

We have an 8 motor turbo drive with 3.25" wheels. Omnis in the front and back and traction wheels in the middle let us turn on a dime. We are 15 lbs

We have a 14 lb robot powered by four turbo motors on 3.25" wheels. We drive 3.5 feet per second.

Did you guys come up with a transmission system for 8 motors? Seems like a totally different bot since last time we saw you. Good luck at worlds.

There has been a lot of neat design iterations in Framingham since Southern New England Regionals. You guys should have kept coming over:)

Actually, we were able to get the flywheel working with only 2 motors in order to beef up the drive. Other than that, the robot is pretty much the same but with a new and improved intake. We will hopefully be doing some sort of reveal.

I apologize guys. What I actually meant for the speed was actually the speed of your drive base. Sorry.

Sorry about getting off topic.

What @tabor473 was saying is that you can figure out the ideal speed given this information. :

For instance, 3.25" wheels with turbos motors should be about 3.4 fps.


Dont you just love mini omnis. Such nice wheels.

So light weight!

They are quite well rounded, if I dare say so myself. I’ve found them useful in variety of different directions.

I wish we had mini mecanums :frowning:
The current ones are way too big, heavy, and expensive to be useful.