Field CAD plz

and tanks.

+1, It would be nice to get precise measurements

bumpy bump

yes, please!

+1 again!

I this would be nice to have, especially with not having the actual field available yet.

Kudos to Cody for bringing this up.

Yeah, is there an appendix A this year?

I know everyone’s busy, just going to keep bumping this…

Yes, field specs would be very helpful.

There’s an Appendix A, however this year it doesn’t contain any CAD files, just the specification document. For some reason there are a couple game pages but only one contains Appendix A.

Looks like they just haven’t posted it yet, the first page says

the appendix A is out :

But there doesn’t appear to be a great field cad in it.

Bumpity bump bump bump.

The Field CAD STEP file is currently part of the Appendix A field specification download on this webpage: Here


Awesome thanks.

There seems to be a minor glitch with the net for me though
It doesn’t really matter much but just to let you guys know.

Here’s an unpacked Inventor version of the field if it helps anyone:

Awesome, thx guys!