Field Consistency at Worlds

We’re in the Arts Division, and our robot has been having some trouble shooting. The robot, itself, seems to be working consistently on the practice fields. However, on the Arts fields, the robot always overshoots by a wide margin, larger than the +/- 1 inch. I’m not sure if it’s a robot problem or the field? Is anyone else having issues?

I have found that the balls at worlds are actually the best balls I’ve seen… They’re extremely close in consistency.

Oh, yeah I agree. The balls are perfectly fine. I was thinking the goal was lower because we are consistently shooting on the practice field but drastically overshooting on the competition field.

If you use a higher voltage battery for match and are using a flywheel, the shot may be affected by increased speed of the motors.

That’s true but our shooter uses a catapult. We have the tension working on the practice field, and then once we switch over to the Arts field, we overshoot by a lot. We keep the same rubber bands from the practice field on the robot too, and unless the bands can gain tension…

I can guarantee you that the nets are the right size. As far as overshooting goes, are the balls on the practice field less dense or more well used? If the become “squishier” that could cause a lower shot than if they were firm. For rubber bands, they won’t gain tension unless you apply heat to them.