Field Controller for Live Remote Skills

What are we supposed to use as a field controller for the live remote skills. Also is there a way that this can be connected to a laptop to also display time?

When I ran live remote skills, we just used a portable switch accurate with the timer. The refs were fine with this, but I would probably ask the judges/ whoever is running the competition.


Taking a look at the section on live remote skills in Appendix B (pages vii and viii), notice that the game manual does not specify any particular field control hardware that must be used. Thus, you can use any approach as long as the robot starts and stops at the right times. Approaches I have seen teams use at our live remote skills events this season include:

  1. VEXnet Field Controller Kit and VEX Tournament Manager (i.e., the same setup that would be used at an in-person event)
  2. Competition switch (many teams already have one for practice anyway)
  3. The practice match feature built in to the V5 controller

As far as the game manual is concerned, these are all perfectly valid field control setups for live remote skills events.

If you go with approach #1, you can connect an additional display to Tournament Manager and have it show a timer (again, just like at an in-person event).

For approaches 2 or 3, you’ll need to start your own timer, and make sure it’s synchronized with the start of the match. You can use any timer you like, but my recommendation is (click/tap the gear to get a 1 minute timer).

(And if you use approach #3, remember that there’s a 3 second countdown between when you press the “start match” button and when the match actually starts — so be sure to start your timer when the match starts, not when you push the button.)


The one thing I am wondering is that in
60172S Screw Strippers pre-recorded skills video it doesn’t seem like they use the field controller kit but it started extremely on the beat looking like they found a way to sync them.

We were the host for a Live Remote Skills event, we let the roboteers decide how they wanted to time. We ran a stopwatch on our end to make sure their time was right. It worked out well since we didn’t need to mess around with video/audio lag on the Zoom sessions.

Most people used the portable switch, but a few ran TM (I could tell from the bell sound).


Just looks like practice to me.

You can see at the very beginning of that video that they set their timer for a little more than one minute (like, 1:03 or something) and then waited until the timer hit 1:00 to start moving the robot.

But even without that, if you have two people it’s not hard to get good at starting the timer at the same time the robot starts driving.


For us, they were fine with running the drive skills program on the controller itself and then another camera would show the controller. However, I think the best thing you can do it just ask and double-check with the refs

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