Field Controllers Issue?

I am seeming to be running into an issue when using a field controller at a competition. Whenever I run my auton it stops short and doesn’t continue the rest of my auton. It stops when on the line of code “motor1.spinFor(reverse, X, degrees)”. It was working at my last competition but only for 2 matches before it stopped working completely. But when I run my auton on “Timed Run” on my controller it runs perfectly fine with no issue.

code getting stuck on this type of call is usually due to the motor not being able to complete the movement (hitting a hard stop or something like that).

At a competition there is a good chance that driver control will be run at some point before the match starts. The order of starting your program, plugging in the cable etc. can make a difference. Check to see if you do something with that motor (or start a new task etc,) in driver control that may mean it doesn’t work correctly during autonomous.