Field Elements Pre-Order

With the game reveal 9 days away, is there any chance of preordering the game elements? I would like to order them as soon as possible, so we can start building.

I don’t think so. I haven’t heard of a way in previous years and nothing about this year. I believe you can buy them immediately after they are revealed at worlds.

We ordered them right after state competitions last year. And, it was great.

We will have them on the Robot Mesh site ( soon after they are announced, which should be during or right after Worlds.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to order from RobotMesh anymore. We did love that free shipping. And with the switch to FedEx from Greenville, it was almost as fast from Redmond. That being said, they have had game elements for sale at Worlds. I cannot recall whether they had field elements as well. And I do not know if they had them last year though with the Saturday reveal. The Vex Store was closed by the time we left Freedom Hall.