Field Inconsistencies: VEX v. Robomatter

I was researching VEX Starstruck when I realized an inconsistency with the design of the field from VEX’s point of view and Robomatter’s point of view. Here is a picture of the Starstruck field from VEX, and below that is one from Robomatter’s Virtual World.
In the VEX version the blue hanging bar is on the left and Robomatter’s is on the right. Obviousely Robomatter has it wrong. Is this something that they should fix?

Hi Aiden!

Thank you for taking the time to post about the inconsistency in the virtual competition. We appreciate the feedback and will release an update with this fix as well as some additional improvements.

Jesse Flot

You are welcome. Thank you.

Hi Aiden,

We did some investigation on our end, and the VEX field is correct in the Robot Virtual World version of the competition.

You are correct in noticing that the placement of the bar is wrong in the picture. This screenshot was taken in a development version of the software, before the field was finalized and the correction was made.

Sorry for any confusion, and thanks again for bringing it to our attention!