Field Layout Drawings

I’ve designed two field layout drawings for your use in skills route design, autonomous planning, scouting, etc. One file contains a normal game setup and the other contains the skills setup. Good look, hope these help you out at states/worlds!

UPDATE 1: Files are updated to contain hanging poles.

UPDATE 2: I’ve added a “lite” version of each file. This file isn’t color-accurate, but it will certainly be easier on your printer. :slight_smile:

UPDATE 3: Here is the link to the google drive folder containing the drawings. This way you can edit them as you please.
Game Field Setup.pdf (4.05 KB)
Skills Field Setup.pdf (4 KB)
Game Field Setup (Lite).pdf (4.04 KB)
Skills Field Setup (Lite).pdf (4 KB)

Nice! Thanks for this!
What did you use to make these? Just curious :stuck_out_tongue:

@Kiwi (7589B) I used Google Drawings. It’s apart of google drive. Great tool, I use it all the time.

Glad you find the drawings useful! How’s your season going so far? Have you guys done states yet?

Nice diagrams! We’ll probably use them for scouting at our state championship this Saturday.

So far my team is doing pretty well! We have states tomorrow (Illinois) and plan to add a claw, make our drive lighter, and to make the lift more powerful if we win. My team is a middle school team. :slight_smile: