Field Mats on Carpet?

I have a competition field that I need to set up. I am aware that all competitions are run on hard floor however… I do have hard wood but my biggest spaces are carpet. How badly will the effect on the robot performance especially with autons be if my field is placed on carpet (that isn’t too cushiony) rather than a hard floor? Thanks!

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You can always lay plywood down on top of the carpet and lay the mats on that…

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I’m on a new team budget, and wood is expensive so that’s why I’m asking.

Robot performance stays relatively consistent, but you may have increased static issues putting the tiles on carpet. We had multiple brain ports die at a competition we attended that had fields on carpet.


carpet does make the tiles more squishy, but to what degree depends largely on the carpet. if it’s relatively thin, you should be alright in terms of the field texture.

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Before worlds I tested my auton’s accuracy on both mats on tile and mats on carpet (old not very plush carpet, probably like quarter of an inch), and on tile I was getting within like .2”, and on carpet I was getting results all over the place (only ran it three times and got results like an inch different from each other each time), I would suggest avoiding carpet whenever you can