field measurements

does anyone know the exact measurements of the roundup playing field? For example, measurement of each square.

The VEX wiki has a PDF on it I think…

I can’t check because this is from my phone, hopefully you can.

Each tile is 24" x 24", and the complete field is a grid of 36 tiles, making it 12’ by 12’.

12’x12’ is correct, but…

The typical field isn’t exactly 12.000’ x 12.000’.

Bear - Look up the rules in the Vex web pages and then look at the PDF files containing the field drawings. If I am remembering correctly, those drawings are available from the same web page as the rules.

The drawings show you the design dimensions of a field made out of the panels Vex sells. Typical fields are made from those panels, and are a little less than 12.000’ from any inside wall to the opposite wall.

However, fields made out of other materials can be slightly larger or smaller. For this reason, plus minor variations in how any field is assembled, exact dimensions (for any/all fields) don’t exist. The allowed variation in field dimensions (walls, ladders, etc.) is listed in the Roundup rules.

Strategerize :wink: and design accordingly.