Field Orientation

Are there acceptable alternative field orientations for venues that are space restrictive? For the past two years we have been able to place two vex fields on 14 ft. x 60 ft. stage in our venue with no problems. With the field rotated this year, it will not fit. In this configuration I am not sure how we will be able to use our existing space to host tournaments this year.
Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 3.38.24 PM.png

Fortunately, this game does not have as much risk of game objects or robot parts flying off field. I suspect you can have the fields facing in the same directions (e.g., Red alliance station to the left of the audience). If this is not the case, expect a sample layout to reissued during the summer.

In our gym we will have four fields with 3’ spacing between them in the 45degree orientation. Should look good. Wire management is going to be interesting.

Well… As what I can tell they had the field at the same orientation during the SkyRise season:

And the same exact station setup as well:

We were not event partners at that time, so that reference doesn’t help. That is unless there was an alternative set up for that year that you are referencing.

Oh okay. That makes perfect sense :stuck_out_tongue:
You don’t truly have to follow the rotation of the field, since it’s not a necessity and isn’t truly match affecting. I’ve seen some competitions do the same thing with different orientations, but finding those competitions on YouTube may be a struggle.

The key is to provide the spectators with an unobstructed view as possible.

Just don’t do it like an event I went to this year where the fields were oriented so that the spectators could easily see the backs of the drivers, but not the field…

Correct :slight_smile:
During NbN we had way too many kids “helping” with stray balls - got in the way of spectators viewing the game.

You could always put a piece of 3/4" plywood under and cantilever the edge over the front of the stage. But if it was me I’d take the left one and rotate so there is a team in the back and one on the left, the right side one rotate to the right so teams would be on the back and the right.

Not the best photo ops, but should work. I have 50’ tower cables so wiring won’t be a problem.

Yeah, helping and “helping” can mean completely different things lol