Field perimeter and tiles -- How many set?

HI, new team here. our team has five members from 3 different families. question is whether we need to purchase 1 set of the perimeter and tiles or do we need to get three sets so each family has one. Any suggestions and why?

Some people say the main builder needs a field at home, and the main driver needs one too… So, it sounds like the more the better – so team members can practice any time without having to drive over to the house where the single set of field is …

You really only need one field. The builder can take whatever elements he needs to build around home, and the field can stay at the driver’s house.
It can also depend on who’s house has enough space.
Edit-thought this was for vrc. Even so, what I still stands-however, In this case, it wouldn’t hurt to get one for the driver and the programmer.


Like he said above the driver mainly needs a field. I would leave the builder a few field elements to work with. I would also suggest the entire team be together for majority of the build. I understand that may not be possible but I highly suggest it.


thanks to both of your answers above. Just to clarify, this is for the 2021-2022 Vex IQ Pitching In competition. Does having this information change your advice? Appreciate it!

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Even then, the builder doesn’t even have to take the “official” field elements. If it’s a stationary object, you can build a “replica” of the object and have the builder build around that.

Out of curiosity, you said it was 5 students split among 3 houses — what is the role split? Are the 2 builders at the same house, is the driver and programmer together, etc.?


they just got the team together. it is very preliminary and have not sorted out the roles yet.

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Then yeah, as said above, the driver is really the only one who really needs a full field, but if you wanted to consider getting a second for the programmer it wouldn’t be a terrible idea.