Field perimeter interfering with stashed bucky balls

Anyone else have this problem?

I think you put the wing nuts on the wrong side. That is a cool photo of balls looking like they are floating.

Never seen that before.:confused:

Did you make sure the screws that secure the stash to the field have the nut on the outside the field and the screw head inside the goal?

Edit: General Reggie beat me to it.

Are the screw heads or the nuts/ ends of the screws inside the tube? It would appear the balls are hitting the projecting screws. Try switching the screw direction so the excess of the screw and wing-nut are on the outside and all you have are the screw heads on the inside. This issue most likely won’t happen with that configuration.

Out of topic… But is your field set up in your garage?!

Yeah. We just park the car on it at night :smiley:

It’s not necessarily a problem if it’s the goal closer to your opponents side…


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Unless it has been changed via a Q+A posting, the official Toss Up field specs PDF still contains instructions that the wing nuts on the goals should be on the inside.


Is that with the wing nuts on the outside?

This is true and I’m not sure if it’s legal to change it but we’ve found it dangerous to have the screws on the inside and this issue has never happened for us. We had kids cutting themselves on screws and such so we switched it primarily for that issue. If it isn’t legal, we will most certainly change it back but we did it in the best interest of the field re setters and anyone who might have this problem in a match.


How are they getting stuck?

Magic :wink:

(Sorry, I just had to do it)

I’m guessing the stash is bent in at the middle. I have never seen that happen before, but I have seen 5/8 or our large balls pop -_-

O wow. Only 5. I have 1/12 not popped. I duct taped them all up to make them useable.

I am really tempted to just ductape the whole ball. It makes skills REALLY annoying

Duck tape, or Photoshop. Maybe witchcraft or ghosts. At this point I would think this is a hoax.

Perhaps a wedge.

Threads like these are best done at the very beginning of April :smiley:

Definitely Troll phase :cool: Couldn’t resist the ***pun***ch line.

They were there all along.