Field perimeter plastic

i was wondering that with the field perimeter plastic that goes inside the perimeter because the right piece of plastic still has the plastic cover on it because we were going add our logo on the plastic and could it be legal to keep the cover plastic on the piece of plastic and on the perimeter for a tournament.

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That’s probs legal

20 char

I think that’s the same is the lexan, that Vex allows.

anything you do on the outside surface does not impact the interior perimeter where robots have contact.

However, consider if that might impact spectator experience at competitions.


I had clear “window glass clings” created with sponsor logos on them. That let me do all 12 “windows” on the perimeter. I could also mix & match as sponsors came and went. Mine were from my local awards store and were about $5 for 9" diameter ones. YMMV


cool - have supplier?

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This will definitely cut into the audience view, but maybe you could just put them in the back of the field??? Great idea for giving props to your sponsors.