Field Pictures

Any quirks with field assembly this year? It seems much more likely to assembly smoothly than gateway. Also, about how long did it take to put it together?

Where’s the high goal? :confused:

It took 2.5 students (one left half-way through) about two hours from sealed boxes to the state you see. This included the time it took to remove the Gateway components. It’s pretty easy with few real surprises, but you will want to either have a computer showing the instructions, or a printed copy.

The high goal is “missing” because they didn’t quite have time to screw it on. It’s all put together, though, and ready to be attached. It should take about 10 minutes to finish.

Don’t forget the tags on the bags . . .

Yeah. That’s the box of bean bags that haven’t yet been labeled and snipped.

Rick (or any other team that has a full field) -

Would it be possible to create a short ‘field interaction’ video? This would be similar to what GUS 228 does in FRC at the Kickoff -

This would be extremely helpful for teams that do not build a full field but want to see how the sacks interact with field elements. I’m mostly interested in how easy the sacks are to knock off of the high goal or ‘crow’s nest’ as it seems to be called in the field CAD. Maybe if you have a gateway robot laying around, try running it into the trough to see if the sacks fall off from the vibrations.

All of the 21 sacks we received in our sack kit fit into one trough, fairly easily -

I’d be interested in seeing just how many you can fit in one trough before things start to really fall out.

Why do I get the odd feeling that the posts are all AL… They just look like a really high quality build. What Material are they? I hope they are AL just for awesomeness.

Plastic, at least the posts are. You don’t get the base plate when you buy the trough-only kit, that may be metal.

The center pylons screw into a 2-layer steel baseplate that is very sturdy. The end pylons bolt to the field walls. All five pylons are identical and made of plastic.

Rick, the base plates actually get positioned beneath the tiles, don’t they?

There are plates above the tiles, and plates below the tiles (which have pre-inserted threaded PEM Standoffs). These two plates get bolted together in such a way that they sandwich the tiles, and hold everything in place.

This is all outlined in the assembly instructions of Appendix A.


Rick, could you post a closeup picture of the high goal, and give me its dimensions? We have 21 sacks and a trough, and we want to have a high goal, but we don’t want to by a bunch of other stuff. We were thinking we could make our own high goal.

You can get them from Appendix A of the manual, especially in VEX Sack Attack- Field Specs.20120413.pdf.

Great! I’m not sure from the diagrams, but the high goal is a flat tray with a .5" lip, correct? Does the lip go up or down from the tray?

Yes. There is a 1/2 inch lip going up.

We are building our own trough and high goal. as of now we have the trough done. we just need to build the particians and the high goal. It is all to spec. I will post a photo tomorrow.

Here is the trough that we have done right now. Everything is exactly to spec with the real field. All that needs to be done is the high goal and particians.

photo 2 by Devin Catron, on Flickr

How are you going to prevent the posts from bending?

Are the troughs sturdy ? Are you able to shake them ?