Field Pins for Full Volume

I am scrolling through the Full Volume field assembly and trying to figure out what the “PIN Steps” are for. Are the pins doing anything other than helping field reset? If so then transporting the field for events is going to be an astronomical pain in the Pins.

The purple and green pins that go into the board are used only as a visual indicator for where to reset the blocks for each match. You don’t technically need them but might as well use them to make your life easier for each reset so things are in the correct location. Kind of wish they would have done that for Pitching In

Having been someone that has likely reset the current field more than most anyone right now, they’re definitely a nice-to-have. Makes reset pretty mindless.

For Event to Event transportation, I might recommend labeling the tiles in a grid fashion (A thru H, 1 thru 6). This way the reset pins can stay in their tiles and you can make sure those tiles get re-assembled correctly. This is how I transported the unveil fields to the KBHCC and it made things really simple for setup.


I figured you had hot glued the pieces in place to survive the ‘fly in’ from the rafters at the event.

The pieces were actually held down to the tiles with IQ Pins! :smiley:

We made a drill jig to put holes the IQ pins could snap into on all of the game pieces. Each Game Piece had IQ pins pre-installed into the block before we left Greenville. The tiles all went together via the grid I described above. All the tiles also had their reset pins pre-installed so I knew which game piece had to go where once the tiles and walls were setup. Both IQ fields came together much faster than the setup that was required for the VRC unveil :stuck_out_tongue: .