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I am wondering if Vex Robotics fields have to be EXACTLY 12’. I am asking this because my team has bought the less expensive field (PVC pipe and plywood), and the measurements came up as 11.5 ~. I wonder if this is something to do with the PVC version…

The fields are built to be 140.5" if I remember correctly.

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The DIY Field specification says 3568.7±12.7mm

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so the field isn’t exactly 12’? It is actually three and a half inches short of 12? My field is made of 2"x12"x12’ wood pieces, and we just got the antistatic tiles, and I was wondering why the tiles did not fit perfectly in the field.

Page 5

Non-Standard Field Perimeter Requirements
Inside square wall-to-wall dimensions must be:
W = 140.5” ±0.5” (3568.7±12.7mm)
Field wall heights must fall within:
H = 11.5” (292.1mm) min to 12.5” (317.5mm) max
Field wall thickness must fall within:
T = 0.45” (11.4mm) min to 3.0” (76.2mm) max.

(Build instructions for actual Vex competition perimeter field)

Page 3
Inside-Inside ~140.5
Outside-Outside ~143.0

(Side note - please learn your resources! Both of the above items, as well as MANY more resources, are readily available on Vex websites. Appendix A is available right along with the Game Manual on the current game page and the specs for the competition field are available as a document on the products page.)




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