Field resetting

While at a meeting with other coaches, we started discussing ways to help speed up the field resetting process. One advisor suggested puttimg small colored electrical tape on his field tiles to speed up the process. Does anyone know if this would be legal?

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I don’t know if this is necessary illegal, but I would advise against it in case any robots run some sort or line following program or are using the vision sensor.

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This might not be a good idea logistically, but I once pitched a Skills Challenge for field reset with some sort of prize. Teams would participate between matches, be timed, and ultimately get good at it.

I’m not sure if enough teams would actually participate, though. Events are really busy for teams as it is. Only high tier events like State, Sigs, Nationals, Worlds, etc. might have enough teams who can afford to participate.

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Slow down the match cycle if you can not keep up with up with resets.

Tape would interfere with sensor options for teams…

You should also not get custom color tiles (school colors/logos) that are not conforming with the official field color layout.


My recommendation for faster resetting is to see if any of your students have younger siblings and “hire” about 4 of them to reset the field in between matches with one person memorizing only a quarter of the field.

That’s what we did for turning point but with only two kids and they did half and half on the field and they could set it up in seconds by memory


To add to this, printing out a few copies of the field setup guide and taping them up near the field would help both the people doing field reset and the teams competing to make sure the field was reset properly at a glance.

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When the community is tasked with figuring out ways to reset the field faster than v5 was shipped


It’ll be like watching one of those “Insanely Fast Workers Compilation” videos watching them reset at Worlds.


‘Fast’ is the tricky term there.

What you should do is get your students to make a robot which resets the field using an outtake Eletrical take could change the surface of the field.

I was considering hanging laminated flashcards in key positions on the field walls so that someone could easily glance down and compare the card to the setup. My first test will be three 5x8 in. cards each with 1/3 of the field mounted on the back (non-audience/non-team) side.

The field reseters should have lanyards on them, so they can just pick them up and refer to it.

I would like to also provide an easy reference for referees so they can check that the reset team did their job correctly.

So long as they’re on the outside and not facing in, otherwise they would mimic the colors of the cubes and potentially contribute to throwing off teams trying to use the Vision Sensor.

The rulebook the refs should be carrying will have one in it at the top of the “The Game” section. That is to say, this is already taken care of by making sure your refs are carrying a copy of the rules.

Actually I was planning to have them on the tops of the walls. For example, if there were a mailing label with an image for each stack, an official could easily glance down and compare them. It wouldn’t affect any sensor or game play.