Field Riser Ideas and Storage

Any thoughts on creating a riser design for the vexiq field? Like a Murphy bed type design so we can store the field upright? And on lockable wheels? We have 2nd and 3rd graders and I’m not sure how they will be moving this new 6’x8’ board. Taking it apart and putting it back together each practice will take too much time and the field pieces can’t withstand that much stress on the connecting joints.

My old school used to store fields by breaking them into 4 quadrants and then putting them together when they needed them. Incredibly easy to break apart and put back together. We just put field elements on a shelf


Coming soon, a 6’ x 8’ portable field riser. Flips up to a 18" wide x 9’ long footprint, and will roll through a standard doorway. The field perimeter stays together and is semi-permanently mounted to the field riser It won’t be cheap, but would be appropriate for classroom use. Plans will be complete in a few days. This would be a complete, assemble-it-yourself, kit…everything except the MDF boards and IQ field.


That looks awesome! With working with 2nd and 3rd graders, safety is always a concern. Could this be easily tipped and how is the stability when upright?

Team virus always with the impressive products :slight_smile:


Good questions…both of which will have to be answered when I have actually built one. I expect it to be pretty stable, and probably hard to tip if the casters are not locked (it will roll instead of tipping). The center of mass is 38" above the ground, with 18" wide legs. If I find it to be unstable, I’ll increase the width of the base and update the plans.


I purchased all of the pieces and parts and managed to get a copy of the instructions manual. This is not easy to assemble!!!
I still can not get it to fold up properly without sliding out of yet another part of the table.

Very frustrating.

Fortunately, “tech support” is free. We’ll figure it out when you send me pictures!


Thank you for the support! I emailed them;)