Field riser

I have designed and we are now building a 12x12 field riser. it will be all wood and the cost will be under $400.00!!

Bill of materials:
5 - 4’x8’ 3/4" OSB
14 - 12’ 2"x4"s
3 - 8’ 4"x4"s
and varios screws and fasteners.


Very “colorful” design. I would recommend adding some “gussets” or cross bracing to the legs for additional stability. An example can be found in this design: VRC Field Riser Plans - commercial quality, wood construction


Congrats on the riser!

The colors were auto generated by the software…But gussets,…good idea!

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I couldn’t imagine paying $400 tho.

Our aluminum field risers were about $1,500 each for parts, which is still less than the commercial risers used at the World Championship. But risers, in my opinion, are worth the expense: it provides some good storage space in the workspace/lab, and adds a level of professionalism to the events you host. In our case, we also need risers when we host outdoor events: the fields don’t sit well on the grass!


I would advise to check what local building codes call for in your area. I know after a certain height, some areas require railing.

Would the field walls not count?

Check with building codes in your area - nothing can be for sure globally.

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This isn’t something we have ever thought of, nor ever had a question about, and our risers are used in a state college. I guess the consideration would be that these risers are not intended for human occupation, like a portable stage, band, or choir risers, but rather considered as huge tables or workbenches for the robots, with only occasional and non-normal use by people.


the reason I bring this up, a lot of people once thought it was ok to send people up on roofs to service them and equipment - well code says they need railing once a single person climbs on top of them. Same could be considered for raised platforms - one kid climbing up on them could make them now considered a raised platform similar to a deck - I think local code says 3’ drop requires rails a certain height and spacing between them so babies dont squeeze through. Sounds ridiculous - all depends on your local code enforcement.

As for the field walls counting - actually, argument would be they are a trip hazard because they are too low.

My point is before building something major get the ok from whomever enforces the local codes. Otherwise, something happens, hope you have deep pockets for self-insurance.

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anything over 24" needs a railing or stairs.

It’s not a permanent structure and it’s not like it’s being inspected so don’t worry about it.
ie; when have you ever seen a riser with a railing (exactly you haven’t)

As long as you can jump on it and it feels solid your good. The only thing that I would add is cross bracing.

This is not major in terms of construction (Also no one is actually gonna enforce it because they aren’t going to care)

Btw i’m not saying to directly go against codes (they are in place for a reason) but stuff like this is is menial.


You are not actually contributing meaningful to the conversation.

A raised field in a shop would be a permanent structure and as such subject to codes. Code enforcement may differ region to region or even based on who is heading the department. I know in our building we had a new Fire Chief and ended up having tons of stuff removed that previously had been allowed.

Back to the topic at hand - if you build something that does not conform to building and safety codes, and someone gets hurt, then you open yourself personally to civil suits. There is case law in which a shop teacher tinkered with power equipment and student got hurt, teacher was held responsible for the injury.


I did some quick research on Stage decking - and the magic height for stage risers and platforms is 30" per International Building Code

Sightline Commercial Solutions - Articles.

I remember when we built the platform we had number as a criteria for the practice field in the shop - it is 28" from floor to surface. We have stairs with hand rails to get to the field surface.


Gentlemen, as I had stated above… anything over 24" needs a railing or stairs. Where I am, this is the code. I have everything cleared with my buildings and grounds department at school. I went through all the proper channels before building this. Now, please stop arguing, it makes you look shallow and pedantic.


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