Field Setup for Autonomous

Can the kids make sure the cubes are placed precisely where they always put them for autonomous runs?

If they see an improperly setup field, they can raise an objection with the referee. The referee can point out the tolerances spelled out in the game manual, or align the elements better. The competitors shouldn’t be moving the elements on their own, but might be allowed to by the referee (within the game limits)


Hmm, this question turned out to be harder to answer than I expected.

My initial instinct was “no, students should never adjust the position of game objects before a match, they must ask a ref to do that”. But then I went to quote the relevant rule, which is <G9>:

Note that this does not prohibit drivers from contacting game objects before the match starts, only during the match.

In contrast, the equivalent rule in VRC (also <G9>) specifically prohibits students adjusting game objects before the match starts:

(emphasis mine, some parts omitted for brevity)

So now I’m unsure about this - given that no rule seems to prohibit this action, I would allow it in VIQC absent any guidance to the contrary (such as a Q&A entry).


Thank you! I will let them know

Wow thank you for a comprehensive response! My kid asked me if they can make sure the green cubes are placed “just so” before the autonomous…I read the manual and the Q&A but I couldn’t find anything saying something specific it is not allowed or it is allowed. I guess it will be just up to the referee if they’ll let the kids touch the field elements before doing autonomous.

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In general, if an action is not prohibited, it is allowed. My confusion in this case came from similar actions being disallowed in several other disciplines I ref (VRC, FLL), so I assumed it was disallowed in VIQC as well, and I’m pretty sure I’ve instructed VIQC students not to adjust game objects in the past.

The lesson here for me is “don’t assume you know the rule by heart, look it up” - the game manual is everyone’s best friend!


This is all the manual has to say about field set up…


Kids are often resetting the field in general.

I think a Q&A is reasonable given that it’s ambiguous in the manual. If you go to a competition, and the kids move the cube, and the ref moves it back, there is nothing in the manual to defend which one is “right.”


Thank you! That is true I have seen kids move it a little bit if the green cube is not dead center but wasn’t sure if they will allow it at State competition. My kid’s team autonomous just depends on placement as they are just elementary and not very good at coding just yet. Well, hopefully the ref at State comp allows them to move the cubes “just so”

At our matches the roboteers reset the fields. If I’m the referee, I may make adjustments to them. Most of the time it’s flipping the green cubes “upside down” and keeping the red/blue inside the lines.

OTOH, not spending a lot of time to make sure it’s “just so”. We have a ton of matches to run, so we can’t spend 30 seconds getting everything exact.

I do know that unless it’s really off by alot in VRC we don’t move things around.

Good question, good luck with your teams.


As long as students are not slowing down the event, I would have no problem with them making sure the field is set up correctly.

If they need to make sure the green cube is exact, that’s usually ok.

I would encourage them to tell the ref, before adjusting the field elements themselves.


Thank you, I’ll tell them to tell the ref first!

Thank you, I think they only adjust it a little bit so it won’t take a more than 10 secs…I’ll tell them to incorporate that into their practice.

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