Field setup for Worlds

Has anyone seen any documentation on required setup for worlds? We were fortunate enough to qualify many teams in elementary and one in middle school. I know the events do not overlap, so the middle school will be fine. My question is will I need a complete and independent field and stream setups for each of my elementary teams?

If it’s like V5 the answer depends if they are in the same division or not. You may get a match where both teams need to play with each other. (Or at the very least be paired up as the #1 seed in the finals :wink: )

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For LRT, there will be morning and afternoon divisions, you can choose for each team whether to register for morning or afternoon. My understanding is, these are separate tournaments, so two teams can share a field setup as long as one is in the morning division and the other is in the afternoon.

(By “field setup” for LRT, I mean at least a field, a webcam, and a computer running Chrome – more info about the technical requirements for LRTs in this PDF, starting on page 8.)

For teams in the same LRT division, the LRT requires that each team be connected to the LRT system throughout the whole event, so you’ll need one field setup for each team.

If you choose LRS, then a single field can be shared by arbitrarily many teams. I’m not sure if the LRS queueing system will require you to have one computer/webcam per team or if arbitrarily many teams can share one computer – @Taran or someone from RECF can probably shed some light on those technical requirements.


The LRS Event Console is designed to be as lightweight as possible. We’re still deciding whether or not we are doing dedicated timeslots per team, or 3 hour chunks, or some combo of the two for timing. I hope to be able to offer some more clarity on that within a week or two.

In terms of technology, you need a camera pointed at your field, and some sort of device. I’ll say:

Suggested minimum requirements:

  • Chromebook with a chromium-based browser
  • Webcam
  • Microphone

Absolute minimum requirements:

  • Phone/tablet
  • Working Internet Connection (this has to be explained for some reason)

The event console interface will work SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER ON A $50 CHROMEBOOK THAN A $2000 IPHONE. It is designed for laptops. Event the cheapest windows thinkpad or chromebook can load this up better than mobile, just due to how the interface works. Yes, it is possible to use on mobile, but it will work a lot better for you on literally the cheapest laptop you can find. The software is super lightweight (runs in browser), so that’s not something you need to be worried about.

One team can log in from as many devices at a time as they want to, and as many teams can log in from the same device at one time as they want to.


We will have 6 teams competing in LRS, I am curious for more details on what the tournament looks like.

I.e. Will they be competing 1 time, presumably in a single segment containing 3 autonomous & 3 driver runs?

If they compete on day 1, I presume there is nothing for them to do on days 2 & 3?

Is there any opportunity for interaction with other teams (aka the cultural exchange that makes worlds so special) for LRS teams?

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I’m still not quite sure. What I do know is that each LRS event (ES/MS/MS/HS) will have 2 days of competing, each with a morning and afternoon, with 3 hours of competition in each session. I’m campaigning for a “queueing” system where your team is assigned (or picks) one of these sessions, and with all of the other teams in that session waits in a queue for a ref to be available to score them. This more closely mimics the feel of a real event, and from what I’ve seen so far it runs very well. There is some pushback against this from some sides. For example, some coaches can’t pull their teams out of school for 3 hours, so that’s something we have to consider. I hope to know more soon. If you (or any other Coach/EP) wants to DM me to discuss this in greater detail you can feel free.

This is still a question. It will honestly come down to a matter of “do I have time to program it into the Event Console”. If there is something like this, the extent of it will be a video call with the other teams in the same divison as you. Haven’t decided if I care to spent energy on that yet.


The recent LRT setups does not allow for nonparticipants to view matches. Will that change for Worlds so that it is public for viewing live. For LRT, that can help teams match strategies with each other and observe what might be possible.
For LRS, it would just be nice if there was a listing of the queue so others could watch how they do. Chat boxes would be icing on the cake to talk about the great accomplishments. I have always like the spirit at VEX competitions! Also for LRS, if teams do not have to take all runs in one sequence, that would be nice but making sure all have an opportunity to run the 6 tries.

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LRTs have been automatically broadcast as unlisted YouTube livestreams for several weeks now. The links haven’t been shared publicly but are available to teams, so they can watch other matches for scouting.

For LRT Worlds, I imagine there will be some sort of public broadcast but I don’t think any announcement has been made about what it’ll look like.


For LRS at least, yes. There will be live viewing, at least to some extent. There will be a live feed always at the very least, but it might not show everyone (I have a formula to pick which “room” to show to maximize the number of complete runs shown on stream).

You mean make the queue public? I’m sure I could manage that, but it might take some effort to do so in a good way.

What do you mean by this? There’s already a Team Chat in the console that teams and Event staff can use for talking to one another. Are you talking about something other than that? If so, can you elaborate a little bit? I’m very interested in this idea.

Don’t worry about this. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to comment on the exact schedule/plan yet, but you can rest easy, teams will not have to run in sequence. There is a queue, and it will be made use of.


Is it not possible to live stream all rooms? I am not a software engineer! I think it is even more important from a teamwork perspective in LRT but I am still interested in watching the LRS as well if possible.

It is, yes, but there are many things to consider when it comes to livestreaming. I’m working as hard as I can to make VEX Worlds as accessible for as many people as I can.

Yes, even if it is a plain list. Also, if you know which will be live stream to the public, that would be nice to signify as bold, highlighted, etc. Does not need to be fancy, just useful. REC has done an outstanding job making sure kids could compete this year and it has been tough I imagine.

The way the queue works, this is more than possible, it’s just a matter of pushing the info to a different site, away from my application (so that people can go to the site/see things without putting strain on my server)


Our teams have competed both in LRT and LRS. If LRS is following something similar to the LRT structure, GREAT! Out teams loved chatting with other teams. I hosted the state championship as LRS and it was the only one our teams attended were teams could watch other teams. It was just Zoom but all of the teams were supportive of each other and acknowledge each other efforts through chat messages and verbally between rounds. I think it added to the friendly environment typically found at VEX tournaments. It would be a nice feature in the LRS as well but not a necessity.

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Yes, that would be perfect! Especially if announcing which would be streamed and which channel if multiple are being used.

I guess what I really meant is scouting the previous performances of teams. Our teams like to research their partnered teams. If the previous LRT tournaments could post the links during or after the event for later review, that would be helpful! I realize they have a lot on their plate now and have done a SUPER job this year making everything happen.


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