Field Storage?

This is my first year with robotics… Logistically, where does anyone store their field when not in use? Do you assemble it for each meeting?? Thanks in advance!

Ideally you can keep the field in one place. Most of our fields get moved often, and are disassembled and kept in large plastic totes. This year we keep the four tiles that the bridge is attached to intact, because the bridge is so difficult to reassemble.

We are able to keep one field at school, but we can’t leave it on the floor, so we tip it up against a wall, after removing the goals and storing them separately.

We lean our field up against the wall too. It’s pretty flexible so you have to make sure it’s supported while moving it. Ours is on its third season of being leaned up against the wall every night and it has held up just fine. I think assembly/disassembly poses a greater risk of damage.

We split ours into 3 pieces this season (two sides and the middle bridge section) for transport and storage. We lean the two side pieces against a wall and set the bridge piece across the top of the plastic tub holding the goals. In prior years, when field elements were much easier to take off, we’d split into two pieces down the middle and stored leaning against a wall, but still split into 3 when transporting (so it would fit in my van!).