Field Strategy

Should I learn to get bonus balls in the beginning of a match? Or should I shoot all of the preloads? Or if I were to not get the box what should I do??

Well in high level play you should always go for the field first, but it depends on how fast you can fire all the preloads which. This determines how long you can play the field before you have to come back and fire the preloads. What do you mean by not get the box?

I think he is referring to when his teammate wishes to do the loads.

Oh well in that case then just play the field for the whole match and play defense against other robots, and then just let your partner do preloads.

I would recommend attempting to capture the maximum amount of field balls first. This is because field balls are what can be described as variable points. This means that they can go to either your team, or their team. By scoring the field balls, you are not only increasing your score, but also reducing their maximum score.

Thanks for all the replies but we didn’t make it to worlds so I guess it doesn’t matter anymore…hope you guys did.