Field Strips at Worlds

Will field strips be on all of the fields at Worlds or just on the skills fields?


As per the game manual, and a recent post by DRow, all competition (non-skills) fields at Worlds will use the older field perimeter (nit the new white one). Thus there will be no GPS field strip attached to them.


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This is not a vague question on what worlds is like. This is a specific question about field set up.


Hang on, we know that the metal perimeter will be used, but there has been no announcement about whether all the perimeters will have field strips mounted on them or not.


That’s why I am asking. When will an announcement be made? Hate to see my team put work into a gps sensor for competition and not be able to use it.


And that’s why there will not be strips on the competition fields. We have run an entire season with just strips on the skills fields. Having your team as one of the handful of teams to use GPS in the qualification matches would really, really, crank other teams off.

They will be on the skills fields since that’s in the rules for this year.

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FWIW, some EPs have been putting GPS codes on every field throughout this season – it’s not prohibited, just not required.

Our state championship is coming up this weekend, we told people in advance that we would have GPS codes on every field (we did this at most of the qualifiers we ran as well), and I know several teams are planning to use them.


That puts a good chunk of the teams at a severe disadvantage since most other events have been running with just the GPS on the skills.

@DRow @Grant_Cox can we get a comment on how the fields will be set up and if GPS is on ALL the fields why this wasn’t communicated out to the EP’s before now. I’m going to be very unhappy if the Delmarva teams are at a disadvantage because none of our events had GPS strips on the Qualification fields.


Hence my question. We have also been part of tournaments that had them on competition fields. Thanks for your reply.

If no announcement is made and teams show up to the Worlds venue only to find that there are GPS codes on all the fields, then I would be inclined to agree with you.

On the other hand, if they announce that GPS will be on all fields with enough lead time that teams who wish to do so can order GPS sensors and integrate them into their robots, then I think that would be fair.

(this is also why I think they should just require GPS on all fields for next season. But I do understand why they didn’t want to do that this season.)


Please no, it’s enough of a pain trying to get those things on our skills field, I don’t want to set them up on every single field at the event.

I know if you get actually decent 3M adhesive it’s less bad but even still…


We’ve just put 2" wide clear packing tape over the front, a piece every few feet, sticks fine and is fairly quick to set up once you get in the swing of things.

We used the 3M DuoLock , same stuff they use for EZ Pass in cars - works great. What you want to do is make sure all strips have the same location for the duolock otherwise you will need to keep track which wall goes with each strip. For us we are juggle 10 fields at events.

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At Hawaii State Championship the qual / elimination fields used the old metal perimeter with gps strips, while the skills fields were the portable comp fields.

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Its too bad the GDC didn’t do anything about this when the issue was brought up earlier this summer:

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Can confirm, GPS Strips will not be installed on any Division or Dome fields. (Which again, are using the original field perimeter)

Per the Game Manual, they will be installed on all of the Skills Fields. (Which again, are using the original field perimeter)


Did you mean the new portable field perimeter?

Edit: Or perhaps I misunderstood; will there will be 3 field configurations at worlds?

  1. the practice fields will be using the portable perimeter with the gps code
  2. The skills fields will be using the metal perimeter with the gps code
  3. The match fields will be using the metal perimeter without the gps code.

Is this correct?


From the other thread on the same topic:

Edit to add apologies, my copy and paste missed the part about practice fields being a mix of both.

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  1. The practice fields will be using both the metal perimeter and the portable perimeter. (I’m not 100% sure that the metal perimeters will have GPS Strips here, but I would like to assume there would be at least a few to help tune Programming Skills Runs)

  2. The skills fields will be using the metal perimeter with the GPS Strips.

  3. The match fields will be using the metal perimeter without the GPS Strips.