Field Tile Issues

As a warning to other teams, the current field tiles that VEX are shipping out have some major QC issues in my opinion. (Not a surprise considering all the other issues I’ve run into with last few VEX orders.)

All of the colored alliance tiles are 1.5mm thicker than the grey tiles. How is this acceptable?

It’s VEX, don’t they have like a ±1" on everything?

I was told by a referee once at worlds that the white tape could be +/- 1" lol…

Are they brand new?

Foam does compress over time and in general robots spend more time on the gray tiles than the colored tiles, as well as people walking on the tiles to reset the field.

Could also be compression from packaging.

But VEX does have like a +/- 1% on everything so it’s not surprising.

@timL I mean there are events out there that literally use bodged together wooden perimeters. (Which is completely legal if +/- 1") It’s not really possible to have such consistent playing fields without having things be really expensive or really time consuming. The purpose of the +/- 1" rule is both to allow for more accessibility to VEX and to run things more quickly for instances like field reset. None of my field tiles are perfectly level and I have yet to go to an event where they are. Isn’t that what good robot design is for, anyways?

Where have you encountered wooden fields? While it’s not in one of the rules, the manual states in the introduction that the perimeter is sheet metal and lexan, which in addition to the fact that wooden fields are not available from the vex site (unless I’m horribly mistaken), would lead me to believe that such a field would be very illegal, regardless of size.

On VEX’s product site for field perimeters it describes how to make your own alternative field:
low cost alternative

So, I can see where people might build their own. I can also see how it would be difficult to get the field pieces to work well.

although the plans call for tabs to be cut off - maybe an update is needed:)
free plans

That’s nothing to me. That is within the +/- 1" tolerance specified in the VEX game manual.

Engineering is about working with what you are given. Engineer a robot that can handle that deviation.

Didn’t realize they 3D printed the tape…

(my new CNC is quickly spoiling me rotten)

I’ve designed and printed a part and proceeded to wonder where the holes went…

lol, that’s amazing.

We have older sets that are much flatter than the new sets. Give it a few hours of play and it will even out.

How about compressing the red/blue tiles?