Field Tiles and Field Perimeter

Hi all,

The field perimeter that we currently have is sitting on top of our foam tiles. From my understanding, they should go around the foam tiles and is rested on the floor.

That brings me to the question, have we set up our field perimeter correctly or are the tiles too big?

In the case of the tiles being too big, could I know the distance between the first mat and the last mat, and the sizes of the side and corner mats?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It sounds like you forgot to cut the tiles half way. You can look at the Field Specs to find out which tiles need to be cut. The Field Specs contain all the dimensions that you asked for. Can you post a picture so that we can see what is going on?

The field perimeter should not be sitting on the tiles. Many events aren’t setup correctly but all world championship fields are so best adhere to what’s officially specified.

Foam tiles “grow” over time when they’re compressed significantly (people walking on them - not robots) and VEX actually changed the starting dimensions of their foam tile product a year or 2 ago because of this. Older tiles were punched with a die that made the finished size (edge tabs cut off fully) the correct size to fit completely inside a field perimeter however they grow over time and then not fit inside anymore. Newer tiles actually fit within the perimeter easily and have room to grow so cut the tabs off accordingly, starting with a 1/2 cut as specified.

I do not really have access to take a picture of the field now. Our foam tiles are quite old, about 5-6 years now. It has been cut as of clean sweep manual, but the perimeter is still rested above the tiles. I might have to resort to cutting more of the tile piece off. It isn’t really that bad, half the field can rest on the floor.(The other side is rested on perimeter)

The older tiles require you to cut the full tabs off. Having the perimeter on a slant probably isn’t good.

This leads me to wonder; since fields can be so different (especially older and newer tiles), wouldn’t using the tabs on the alliance starting tiles as an alignment tool be unreliable?

I know I used to do this for my skyrise autonomous. During scrimmages in places outside of my school, I always can’t seem to get my alignment right and because of that the autonomous tended to fail. And, just like WANGG, my school used the older field tiles. (I believe events these days uses the newer tiles)

The tabs have already been cut off but it is still too big.

Im asking for the dimensions as I would like to get the sizes of the starting tiles correct, so that alignment would not be of a problem. Siam brought up a good point, our autonomous needs to be recalibrate for every new location we go to. That is very troublesome, especially during scrimmages, when the timings are tight and we do not have time to calibrate the autonomous.