Field tiles making little dust balls on wheels

This past season whenever my kids bring the robot back from the field there seems to be a ton of little black dust like on the wheels. Are my field tiles bad? Just need cleaning? Trying to figure out what is up with them, first time we have had this. Thanks for any input.

I haven’t heard of field tiles depositing dust bunnies onto robots before, but dirty fields aren’t uncommon.

Cleaning/prevention methods:

  2. Socks deposit lint on the field, so don’t wear socks
  3. Clothes also have lint, so don’t wear clothes

(Just kidding)

  1. Grab a vacuum cleaner and just run it on the field, just like cleaning floors. If it gets stuck on a tile, don’t force it through, as that may rip a tile. Just lift it gently and set it back down on a different spot
  2. Get a lint roller/sticky paper and pick up little pieces of dust. If multiple people are doing this at the same time it goes pretty quickly

I found that over a few years of less than gentle use, tiles begin to start disintegrating and creating tile dust which stick to wheels and dirties the underside of the robot. My field started doing this last season, tried to thoroughly clean it off but it didn’t help. I suspect this is because the tiles just keep disintegrating from the top, creating more dust.

It didn’t seem to cause any real problems though apart from the dust everywhere which was at worst annoying.


just like Ben was saying, wearing shoes on the field can track dirt and dust, but especially laying on the field in clothing can do a number on dust and lint balls, we don’t lay on the field we only stand in socks to minimize dust and lint, and we vaccuum our field daily as it takes ~ 10 minutes and helps a ton.


Don’t let parents see this - otherwise they may be inclined to get wall to wall field tiles instead of carpet and have roboteers cleaning house daily :slight_smile:


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