Field timer not corresponding with real timer

If the screen for your current field is showing an incorrect time compared to the real time of the match, should the match be replayed?

You should ask the refs at the tournament about it. If it doesn’t significantly affect anything, it shouldn’t matter, but if it’s like 10+ seconds (robot can be driven another 10 seconds / 10 less seconds) it definitely should be replayed.

Bizarre situation you are describing. By that fields that control the match and display the Field Queue are generally the same device (rPi or laptop). I would think they are the “authoritative” source of time when the match starts. @Dave_Flowerday you can correct me if I am wrong.

I’ve seen audio out of sync sometimes on audience display run by rPi - I mitigate that by taking the audio from TM server computer.

Field timers have been off before. In one of my competitions, my alliance was in semi finals and shot the string when the field timer said ten seconds. Unfortunately, the buzzer went off after the field timer. If that had not happened, we most likely would have won the tournament. If the field timer seems off, tell someone immediately. Also, keep a careful watch on other team’s string. Sometimes the string isnt the right size and you could then get them dq.

There’s not enough description here to understand what’s going on.

What do you mean by “the screen for your current field”? Is this a monitor at the field showing the Tournament Manager timer? Is this a V5 field control brain? Something else?

What do you mean by the “real time”? Where are you getting the “real time” from? Are you looking at an audience display somewhere? Your own V5 controller? Something else?


If you know what event and match this occurred in, please let me know. I’d like to investigate because unless something was very, very wrong with the network it really shouldn’t be possible for that to happen.

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