Field towers

Ok so my team went to a competition this weekend and the dumbest thing happened. We were just stacking cubes when a team pushed us into our field tower(the thing you connect your controller into) when they pushed us we had to duck so we wouldn’t get hit by our tray, the wire from the field tower got tangled in our tray and the wire fell out of the tower which caused about 20 seconds of the match. After that something was really messed up with that tower, our right intake wouldn’t spin so we initially thought a wire fell out btw this was in semi finals. But after the match ended the right intake roller was spinning which should be impossible because you can’t move your robot after the match ends and we were exited out of our program. So we asked the referee for a re match or a dq because they made us disconnect for about 20 seconds and they broke the tower, the referee said there is no rules about this so he couldn’t do anything so we lost the match. I was wandering if this is a legitimate strategy because if it is vex really needs to fix there rules/ game


So, They should be DQ. They pushed you into the tower, causing destruction to the game field, then Hurting your control of the robot. That is not right. Last year, our robot connected to another frequency because we don’t know why, and our robot did circles in Quarter finals while our controller was unplugged and exited out of the program, the referee did nothing. This is not a strategy, it is just bad sportsmanship and a cheap move.ONLY if it was on purpose.

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Also, Might want to change your port since ours burned out when it happened to us,

Ok. btw the other team didn’t do it on purpose but it was definitely match effecting because we couldn’t intake after it and it was fairly early in the match

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So, if it wasn’t on purpose, then they can’t do anything about it. It was match affecting but for some reason, you can’t rematch or DQ then. Its dumb and i believe that the call on that should be changed. But I’m just Butternubs. Good luck later on and hope to see you at worlds!

Btw just to clarify we aren’t mad at the teams in question they did very well and they deserved the win. We are just more concerned about the future and ways we could somehow prevent this from happening and maybe new rules because trays are the most common design.

So, you designed a robot that extended outside the field perimeter, was it outside the space where alliances are supposed to stand? The specifications for where teams are supposed to stand are in the Game Manual. Another question, were your tower control cables dangling inside the field?

I know those two questions are difficult since you feel you are the victim here. However, there are specifications as to where cables should be and robot implementation need to keep that in mind.

As to the robot spinning after the match has ended, that appears to be a robot issue.

Well the tray hitting us wasn’t a problem. The problem was that our robot was pushed into the control tower and the wire connecting our controllers to the control panel got crushed and we disconnected almost immediately after. We also think the rollers spinning after the match ended is related because no one on our team has encountered anything like that.

If the hit was on the Driver Station interface and cause damage to it, then speak to the referee about a replay.

(note this is for future events…)

What the referee argued was that our robots should be designed to not be able to slam into our wires. The regrew said there was nothing they could do because there was no rules on it. I don’t blame him because he is doing what is is supposed to do but I feel like a rule should be implemented for that situation. Especially with so many trays nowadays.

Back in starstruck at worlds our robot fell onto the ladder and we were stuck there for a good 30 seconds. The ref called for a replay after discussion because the ladder is not suppose to be there. But the field controller is part of the field so I’m not sure what’s the ruling on that

Cables that dangle inside the field are really an issue for the team to do. The alliance stations are set back from the field towers for a reason.

The only clarification should be - how far back should the teams be away from the field?

As for replay - there is a lot of burden on the team to demonstrate that the field set up was at fault.

In this particular scenario a team with a robot with a tray extends outside the field walls is accepting the risk of entangling outside the field.

The scenario of putting a ladder in the way is not something the team could have designed for.

image I think you are confusing where the tray hit. They hit the wires on the control tower so it hit where the wire goes into the panel.

I am not confused (well the field graphic is not a proper rendition of the field).

Towers and field monitor are part of the field. A properly placed team will be set behind the tower.

Robots that have parts that have structure that extends outside of the field will need to design accordingly,.