Field transportation

Has anyone found an aftermarket solution that will easily hold all of the field pieces for transportation and storage? I was thinking that an appropriately sized Roadie Case might work, but wanted to see if anyone else had found a solution.

I’d love to be able to easily loan out our field, but as it is now (partially assembled and/or in boxes), it’s a pain to move anywhere.



I know this is not the answer you are looking for and is excessive but it has paid dividends for us so far.

One of our mentors bought us a used 12’ trailer! Looks like this but well loved before it came to us. Aftermarket ones are generally cheaper. Be prepared to get the electric right yourself though.

We now fold up the sections in 12 foot pieces and angle them a bit to fit well. Boxes of field tiles, cables, and pieces and you’re relatively set. We have two fields to transport.